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PGP v. OpenPGP?

What is the difference between PGP and OpenPGP encryption?

OpenPGP is a standard that defines formats for encryption keys and messages.

PGP is a trademarked term used by Symantec Corporation for their OpenPGP-compliant products, such as Symantec PGP Command Line.

Many commercial products like McAfee E-Business Server and free products like Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition comply with the OpenPGP standard.

OpenPGP-compliant products are compatible such that:

  • Keys created by an OpenPGP-compliant application can be imported and used by other OpenPGP-compliant applications. More on how to use PGP keys »
  • Files encrypted or signed by an OpenPGP-compliant application can be decrypted or verified by other OpenPGP-compliant applications.
  • Additional file transformations covered by the OpenPGP standard, such as ASCII-armoring, canonicalization, and compression, are also compatible between OpenPGP-compliant applications.

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