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Automate PGP encryption and secure file transfer with Diplomat Managed File Transfer Basic Edition

Automate secure FTP and
PGP encryption in one solution.

Automate secure FTP transfers

Schedule transfers to or from FTP, FTPS , SFTP or internal network locations. You can schedule file transfer jobs to move files to or from secure FTP servers by minutes, hours, daily, weekly or monthly. Plus, you can execute ad hoc jobs to immediately pick up or drop off files on secure FTP servers.

Automate secure file transfers (FTPS and SFTP)

Deploy one solution for both secure FTP and OpenPGP

Address file transfer and PGP encryption with a single solution. If your business partner requires PGP encryption, Diplomat MFT Basic Edition can PGP-encrypt files before sending them to your partner's secure FTP server or decrypt files picked up from the FTP server before writing them to your local network.

Deploy one integrated solution for PGP encryption and secure FTP (FTPS and SFTP)

Quickly schedule secure FTP transfers

Rely on Diplomat MFT Basic Edition to easily set up, schedule and maintain secure FTP jobs. Diplomat products build in file transfer logic, so you don't need to construct each step of file transfer jobs. You set up secure FTP jobs with an intuitive point-and-click interface. No complicated programming or batch scripts required.

Rely on Intelligent File Transfer design to easily set up and maintain secure file transfer jobs

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