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Diplomat Managed File Transfer products are installed on your internal network behind a firewall and transfer files between secure FTP servers, web servers, email servers, SMB servers, cloud storage sites, private clouds and other systems both inside and outside your firewall.

Diplomat components communicate with the Diplomat MFT Service to set-up, manage, initiate and monitor secure file transfer jobs.

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Diplomat MFT
Diplomat MFT
[ + ]Diplomat MFT Service checkmark checkmark checkmark

Engine that executes Diplomat MFT jobs and communicates with the other Diplomat MFT components. Read more »

[ + ]Diplomat MFT Client checkmark checkmark checkmark

Enables creation and modification of file transfer job and configuration settings (e.g,PGP keys, secure FTP logins and job schedules), which are used to schedule and run secure file transfer jobs. Read more »

[ + ]Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent   checkmark checkmark

Lets you by-pass Diplomat's built-in scheduler and use another application to initiate file transfer jobs. Read more »

[ + ]Diplomat Cloud Connector   Add-on checkmark

Standalone application that runs at a trading partner, internal location or private cloud, which allows a Diplomat MFT site to connect and send/receive files. Connections to Diplomat Cloud Connector are authenticated using OpenPGP keys and data files can be OpenPGP-protected. Read more »

[ + ]Diplomat MFT Job Monitor   Add-on checkmark

Allows you to view the current scheduling status and job history of all Diplomat file transfer jobs. Can be accessed from the Diplomat MFT Client or run as a standalone application. Read more »

[ + ]Diplomat MFT REST API   Add-on Add-on

Lets you initiate and monitor Diplomat file transfer jobs using HTTPS commands. Read more »

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