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Make secure file transfer an integral part
of your business.

Simplify file transfer management

Manage all of your secure file transfer jobs with one solution. Diplomat MFT Standard Edition schedules and runs file transfers to or from FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, email or SMB servers. And, you can PGP-encrypt files before delivery or decrypt incoming files before writing them to your local network – all in a single job.

Set up, test and schedule file transfer jobs using an intuitive point-and-click interface. No more time-consuming programming with events, triggers, and “do” loops.

Install Diplomat MFT Standard Edition in one location to pick up or drop off files anywhere on your local network. No need to install in multiple locations.

Rapidly create and update file transfers with Intelligent File Transfer design

Add secure file transfer to business processes

Initiate complex file transfer jobs with a single command using Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent. Create a Diplomat job that specifies how to send files to your trading partner. Then, add a Diplomat job request to any business process that needs to transfer files to your partner.

Sensitive data, such as passwords or pass-phrases, are only decrypted when a Diplomat job requests it. So, no plaintext passwords or pass-phrases are stored on disk in scripts or in the Diplomat database.

Make secure file transfers an integral part of business workflows.

Quickly resolve problems

When a file transfer job fails, you receive an email message with log entries for the failed file transfer job. Diplomat MFT Standard Edition's email messages provide information on every step of a file transfer job to help you quickly identify and resolve file transfer problems.

Use the integrated log viewer to diagnose file transfer or PGP encryption problems. You can filter log entries by Transaction ID, date or other strings to select only the log entries you need to diagnose the problem.

When an error occurs during a file transfer job, Diplomat MFT Standard Edition re-attempts the failed step before giving up. Fewer failures mean you spend less time troubleshooting.

Quickly diagnose and resolve secure file transfer (SFTP and FTPS) problems

Improve security

Use single or two-factor authentication to protect Diplomat MFT Standard Edition from unauthorized use. Authenticate users automatically with their network identity or by entering a Diplomat username and password – or both.

Manage access by setting user privileges, password policies and session expiration. Manage user connections through an administrative dashboard.

Track user activity on screen and in log files. Every Diplomat screen displays the user, network location and time the data was most recently updated. Plus, updates to file transfer job data are captured permanently in Diplomat logs.

Create audit trail job history reports. Diplomat MFT Standard Edition has a built-in audit trail to capture and report on every file transfer job.

Ensure your secure file transfer (SFTP and FTPS) application is secure

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