Diplomat Cloud Connector

Diplomat Cloud Connector, a new highly secure transport method, uses OpenPGP encryption and authentication to enable secure, one-step data transfers. Data no longer needs to reside outside the firewall on transport servers, such as FTP, web or email servers.

Diplomat Cloud Connector can be deployed in any location – at a remote office, a trading partner site or in a private cloud. OpenPGP authentication ensures each Diplomat Cloud Connector site is paired with a single Diplomat MFT site.

Diplomat MFT Standard or Enterprise Edition control file transfers to or from a Diplomat Cloud Connector site. The parameters of Diplomat Cloud Connector jobs are entered as the source or destination partner profile in Diplomat MFT transactions.

Diplomat Cloud Connector Partner Profile


Diplomat Cloud Connector enables unattended operation with all automation and management provided by Diplomat Managed File Transfer. Diplomat MFT and Cloud Connector sites work together to automatically OpenPGP encrypt files before sending and decrypt them before writing to their final destination. PGP keys for authentication can be reset as needed and PGP keys for data encryption and decryption are regularly updated by Diplomat Cloud Connector with no manual intervention.

Diplomat Cloud Connector also offers checkpoint restart capabilities to make file transfers more reliable. After a brief interruption, Cloud Connector transfers continue from the most recent checkpoint.

With Diplomat Cloud Connector deployed at your trading partner’s site, a remote offices or in your private cloud, you no longer need separate solutions for PGP encryption and secure file transfer. No FTP or secure FTP server is needed outside the firewall. Since Diplomat MFT manages file transfers in both directions, no other file transfer applications are needed to encrypt, move or store files outside the firewall.

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