Feature Comparison

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Job Set-up

Set up, test and schedule file transfer jobs with an intuitive point-and-click user interface. No programming or special skills required.green tickgreen tickgreen tick
Set up file transfer jobs to:
  • PGP encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify files
  • ASCII-armor, compress or canonicalize files
  • Overwrite existing files
  • Delete source files
  • Fail job if no files are found
  • Use wildcards to identify source files
  • Rename files during transfer
green tickgreen tickgreen tick
Check file integrity after transfergreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Transfer files between any combination of local network, FTP, FTPS and SFTP sitesgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Use temporary filenames when writing destination filesgreen tickgreen tick
Transfer files to and from email, HTTP, HTTPS and SMB serversgreen tickgreen tick
Select source files by date, sequence number and other wildcardsgreen tickgreen tick
Transfer files to and from cloud storage sitesAdd-Ongreen tick
Transfer files using Diplomat Cloud Connector with built-in PGP authentication and encryption, checkpoint restart, and checksum file integrity checkingAdd-Ongreen tick
Process files only when all required source files are availablegreen tick
Save source, destination and PGP key settings for use in multiple file transfer jobsgreen tick

Problem Resolution

Use integrated log viewer to diagnose file transfer or PGP encryption problemsgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Send job status email including detailed error messagesgreen tickgreen tick
Send emergency paging notices for file transfer problemsgreen tickgreen tick
Manage log files with integrated log file viewer and automated log file deletiongreen tickgreen tick

Business Risk Management

Backup, merge and restore file transfer job set-up datagreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Archive files to primary and additional locationsgreen tickgreen tick
Create and schedule reportsgreen tickgreen tick
Easily merge new file transfer jobs from test systems onto production systemsgreen tick

Job Management

Schedule jobs by minute, hour, day, week or monthgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Exclude file transfer jobs on specified daysgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Set number of job execution retriesgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Run ad hoc file transfer jobs with immediate on-screen job statusgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Monitor folders to trigger file transfer jobs when new files arrivegreen tickgreen tick
Initiate Diplomat file transfer jobs with batch scripts and third-party schedulers using Diplomat Scripting Agentgreen tickgreen tick
Initiate and monitor file transfer jobs via the Diplomat MFT REST APIAdd-OnAdd-On
Execute processes before or after a file transfer job, including custom processes and zipping/unzipping filesgreen tick
Quickly identify job status with on-screen iconsgreen tick
Temporarily suspend or restart scheduling for a file transfer job or groupgreen tick


OpenPGP-compliant to work with PGP and OpenPGP toolsgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Create, import and export PGP keys and key ringsgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Use OpenPGP keys to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify filesgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Use SSH client keys, SSH host keys and SSL certificates to authenticate secure FTP loginsgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Encrypt outbound files with multiple PGP keysgreen tickgreen tick


Improve job performance with multi-threaded implementationgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Recover from transient file transfer errors without job restartgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Enable checkpoint restartgreen tick
Manage job queue settingsgreen tick


Manage user connections with administrative dashboardgreen tickgreen tick
Set user privileges, password policies and session expiration limitsgreen tickgreen tick
Administer login credentials for single or two-factor authenticationgreen tickgreen tick
Identify unused keys, partners and transactions for faster system clean-upgreen tickgreen tick
Access Diplomat MFT components without installing locally using Diplomat MFT Web Launchgreen tickgreen tick
Monitor scheduled and live file transfer jobs with Diplomat MFT Job MonitorAdd-Ongreen tick
Read-only access for business users to monitor file transfersgreen tick


Encrypt passwords, pass-phrases and other sensitive data. No data written to registry.green tickgreen tickgreen tick
TLS-protected connections between Diplomat MFT Service and other Diplomat componentsgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Track user activity on screen and in log filesgreen tickgreen tick
Use forward proxy server when transferring filesgreen tickgreen tick
Capture job history and user activity data in a SQL audit database for compliance and custom reportinggreen tick

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