Using TLS 1.3 with Diplomat MFT

TLS 1.3

TLS, or “Transport Layer Security,” keeps internet traffic secure.  It is the modern incarnation of SSL (“Secure Sockets Layer”).  Both of these terms refer to the encryption of the network data channel between two computers.  We use TLS every day when browsing the web.  Businesses also use it when sending files between two systems over […]

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Is our hunger for CPU speed creating Zombies, Spectres, and Fallout (oh my!)?

CPU Processing Speed

In another episodic CPU security vulnerability announcement, recent reports show that Intel faces another version of the Zombieload vulnerability, part of a class of vulnerability referred to as MDS attacks. These are evolutions of the Spectre, Meltdown, and Foreshadow vulnerabilities that reared their ugly heads in 2018  – all of which had potential to leak […]

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OpenPGP Keys Under Attack


It was bound to happen one day (though, admittedly, this is a “hindsight is 20/20” statement): the OpenPGP Standard Key Server implementation has fallen victim to attack. When the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Keyserver system allows anyone to affix changes (“attestations”) to a given key – and these never, ever get deleted. As a result, […]

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