With Diplomat MFT, CitiConnect Compliance is as Simple as 1-2-3

by | Aug 22, 2022

One of the big advantages of a well-built, commercial, secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution compared to an in-house, DIY approach, is an architecture with broad support for integrations and protocols that enable interoperability with other organizations. Many large commercial entities require that their trading partners comply with specific protocols. They want to ensure security and also make it easier for their services to operate with as many different customers and partners as possible, and so they establish organizational operational standards.

Compliance with Commercial Standards

We have described how our Diplomat MFT secure managed file transfer solution helps customers interact with organizations like J.P. Morgan and Wayfair, and also with government agencies like the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration’s 340B program, among others. Today we’ll discuss how Diplomat MFT supports simple, no-code support for Citibank’s CitiConnect® file exchange system.

In its own words, CitiConnect allows Citibank customers to “streamline your file exchange and messaging processes, reduce costs using automated processing, and expedite dispute resolutions associated with your cash management needs. No matter how you manage your treasury and financial information flows, Citi has the experience and technology expertise to meet your unique needs—integrating banking execution and information with your enterprise-wide treasury management, ERP and other cash management systems.”

Because these types of transfers involve sensitive information and must comply with many information security and data privacy regulations, they demand the highest levels of security. That is why the CitiConnect system uses SFTP to encrypt file transmissions, and OpenPGP to encrypt the files being transmitted.

Engineered to be Easy

Because Diplomat MFT is engineered with integral support for SFTP and OpenPGP, and automates these processes for you, our customers already comply with the CitiConnect system. What’s more, Diplomat MFT’s scheduling options—including exceptions for bank holiday exclusions that come into play when scheduling transfers with financial institutions—are easy and efficient, minimizing the opportunity for human error, or for system errors that often occur with homegrown MFT solutions.

Using Diplomat MFT to comply with CitiConnect is a simple, three-step process:

1. Secure file delivery with CitiConnect: When you use Coviant Software, this step is no-code simple because Diplomat MFT automatically sends files securely with the SFTP, SSH Client Key Authentication, and OpenPGP encryption.

2. Automate your CitiConnect file delivery process: Diplomat MFT’s robust scheduling facility makes it easy to configure the timing of your file delivery, whether those transfers are daily, multiple times per day, or even on-demand. Diplomat MFT even supports calendar exclusions so files are not transferred on bank holidays.

3. Establish CitiConnect workflow visibility: When you rely on Diplomat MFT, you get full visibility into your associated workflows, eliminating the anxiety of not knowing if your transfers were successful. Diplomat MFT documents every step of the process to ensure full auditability, and will alert you should something prevent file delivery.

As if that wasn’t easy enough, when you use the award-winning Diplomat MFT as your secure, managed file transfer platform, your investment is backed by Coviant Software’s world class support, independently determined to be the highest in the industry by SoftwareReviews. We’ve got you covered from the moment you put your trust in us, no matter how complex your managed file transfer needs are.

Whether you need to automate the secure transfer of financial files using the CitiConnect or any other financial institution’s system, or if your needs are associated with healthcare files, intellectual property, or other sensitive information, Diplomat MFT can get the job done. Give us a call, or try Diplomat MFT for free to see for yourself how easy it is.

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