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Coviant Software achieves MFT Quantum Advantage

Coviant Software is pleased to announce that it is the first MFT vendor to launch its platform on a Quantum Computer.  Our research team used Google's Sycamore quantum computer -- which boasts 53 qubits of processing power -- to run Diplomat MFT workflows. Quantum...

Don’t Be A Security Statistic

Want to Avoid Becoming a Cybersecurity Statistic? Coviant Software Has a Solution Ask yourself, what is today’s most traded commodity? Your first thought might have been oil or gold, or maybe something like wheat or pork bellies. All good guesses, but data is arguably...

HIPAA and OCR Compliance

If the MFT’s A-Rockin’, the Office for Civil Rights Won’t Come A-Knockin’ Any notion that the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has decreased their enforcement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) during the past couple of years couldn’t be...

Pastures, Pastimes, and Data Protection

  These days, every enterprise is a technology company. Even if your organization isn’t developing the next hot application, social media platform, or self-driving vehicle, you depend on technology to help you get the job done—not to make things more complicated....

Improved Security

Manage Access, Track Activity, Create Audit Trail Reports

Manage Complex File Transfer Environments

Diplomat’s intuitive point-and-click interface makes it easy to schedule file transfer jobs.

Automate Secure File Transfers

Initiate complex file transfer jobs with a single command
using Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent