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How Coviant Is Helping Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 is a major disruptive force for all of us, putting a huge strain on families and businesses.  We are grateful that we are in a position to help those on the front lines to deal with this terrible pandemic.  I would like to share a story of how our solution is...

Diplomat MFT wins 3 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Here at Coviant Software, we work tirelessly to create secure file transfer automation solutions that delight customers. Thus, it is especially rewarding when we receive accolades from our customer base. We are so very proud to receive not one, not two, but three...

A pandemic proves automation critical to organization health

The coronavirus COVID-19 has landed, creating impacts felt across whole world. It's led to empty offices and overloaded VPNs. Distracted staff try to work remotely despite bored children and barking dogs. But no matter the cause or scope of the crisis, we still have...

Improved Security

Manage Access, Track Activity, Create Audit Trail Reports

Manage Complex File Transfer Environments

Diplomat’s intuitive point-and-click interface makes it easy to schedule file transfer jobs.

Automate Secure File Transfers

Initiate complex file transfer jobs with a single command
using Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent