Coviant Software and Special Olympics: The Spirit of Partnership

by | Jun 7, 2021

One of the great things that come from being associated with Coviant Software is the opportunity to share our success with others. Whether that means working within the San Antonio community to encourage students during pandemic restrictions or helping global organizations carry out their mission more efficiently, we believe that giving back is a privilege. So when we learned that Special Olympics was looking for a way to streamline and secure their data transfers, we were all in.

Most people are familiar with Special Olympics thanks to their excellent work using sports training and competition to empower people with intellectual disabilities and create a more inclusive world for all through sport. If you’ve seen the joy, grit, and determination in the eyes of a Special Olympics athlete who has just competed in one of the organization’s more than 100,000 events each year, you know why the organization’s global impact is so important.

What is less obvious is all of the hard work that takes place behind the scenes to make Special Olympics so effective at carrying out its mission. Special Olympics is a huge organization, with a presence in more than 190 countries and territories around the world. That size comes with a massive administrative responsibility, including the need to securely and reliably share data.

It is critical that the information is managed carefully and securely so that every one of the millions of employees, volunteers, donors, and—especially—Special Olympics athletes who are a part of the organization are protected.

“As data plays an essential role in the work of Special Olympics, this partnership is critical to our core operations. Establishing a reliable and secure data transfer platform ensures that we can stay focused on serving our 6 million athletes around the world,” said Timm Green, Director, Networks Operations, Special Olympics.

“We believe in Special Olympics’ mission and their work using sports training and competition to support millions of people with intellectual disabilities. Running a large and global organization requires a lot of behind-the-scenes administration, including secure data transfer and regulatory compliance. Coviant Software is proud to play a role in making that work easier, so that their focus can remain on supporting millions of Special Olympics athletes,” said Gregory Hoffer, CEO, Coviant Software.

Coviant Software is proud to be counted among the many fine organizations that support Special Olympics as Spirit Partners.


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