Diplomat MFT Changelog

We are committed to the continual improvement of Diplomat MFT to ensure our customers can use our software with confidence.

Diplomat MFT Release Timeline

The data you rely on to achieve your mission deserves the best protection possible, which is why Coviant Software strives to deliver the best possible managed file transfer solution to keep data files moving reliably and safely.

From the start of our twenty years in the industry, Coviant Software has taken a secure-by-design approach to the development of our products. Then we set out to keep our products at the leading edge of performance and security with a philosophy of continuous improvement. The result? While other managed file transfer software vendors have grown content, with good enough, our Diplomat MFT family of secure managed file transfer software has evolved in keeping with market needs and customer input.

Today your MFT software choices have contracted even as costs have risen because major players like Cerberus FTP, Globalscape, GoAnywhere, Ipswitch, and JScape are now owned by profit-hungry private equity firms. And other vendors are cutting back on R&D and customer support. In addition, many vendors are now scrambling to address vulnerabilities in their products. Meanwhile, Coviant Software keeps listening to—and delivering on—enterprise demands for a secure, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective MFT solution.

October 2023
June 2022
October 2021
(E.O.L - 10/2023)
September 2020
(E.O.L - 06/2022)
December 2019
December 2018
June 2018
November 2017
March 2004
  • LDAP integration for administrators and/or SFTP user accounts
  • SFTP Server virtual file system with full groups and permissions SharePoint support
  • Remote Agent enhancements and automatic streaming compression
  • Integrated symbolic link support
  • Database auditing enhancements for active-active highly available clusters
  • Partners are now browsable and sortable with size and date details
  • New option to capture log and environmental details for support tickets
  • Elliptic Curve crypto for PGP
  • Synchronization and replication support
  • Multiple destinations per Transaction
  • Major source file matching expansion and recursive options
  • Edge Gateway support
  • Permissions replication for local and network storage
  • UTF-8 file name encoding support
  • RSA-SHA2-256, RSA-SHA2-512, and Elliptic Curve crypto for SSH
  • PGP key pair creation maximizes compatibility flags
  • Run Now interactive enhancements
  • Web-based administration and Job Monitor
  • SFTP Server
  • REST API for configuration introduced
  • Azure support for Shared Access Signature (SAS)
  • Slack and MS Teams alerting
  • Remote Agent major expansions
  • Regex and File Idle Time triggering
  • S3 compatible support
  • KIA support for SFTP
  • Biscom Transit support
  • Accolm Business Activity Monitor (BAM) support
  • Post-transfer source file move in addition to delete
  • Added support for a variety of File Ready Conditions
  • REST API enhancements
  • Added AS2 and Google Cloud Healthcare API integration
  • Amazon S3 support for large (over 5GB) files with multipart
  • One-pass signing support for PGP encryption
  • Crypto algorithm customization
  • Added SSE-S3 server-side encryption support for Amazon S3
  • High Priority Job Queue
  • Dropbox integration enhancements
  • High Priority Job Queue
  • Post-Job Process enhancements and linking
  • Integrity protected packet (MDC) support for PGP encryption
  • Un/zip for pre- and post-job processes
  • Audit database enhancements
  • Scheduling enhancements and calendaring support
  • Added Azure Blob, Box.com, and proxy support
  • Diplomat MFT makes its public debut