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Diplomat MFT | Latest Release | Version 9.2

While other managed file transfer (MFT) vendors address security vulnerabilities and data breaches, Coviant Software continues to invest in the security, performance, and power of its award-winning managed file transfer software with the release of Diplomat MFT 9.2.

The innovations and improvements in Diplomat MFT 9.2 reflect Coviant Software’s respect for customer feedback and reflect our responsiveness to emerging market trends.


Best-value MFT Solution


Over 20 years experience


Easy-to-use Automation Capabilities


Enterprise Power & Reliability


Easy-to-use PGP Encryption




Key Diplomat MFT 9.2 enhancements include:

Diplomat MFT Version 9.2

LDAPS authentication to support seamless user provisioning and authentication.

SharePoint Transport simplified transfers to and from SharePoint collaboration software (on-prem or in cloud).

Virtual File System including virtual folders and granular permissions with SFTP user groups.

Remote agent for hybrid and flexible deployments in Linux and Windows environments, including automatic streaming compression and full symbolic link support.

Browsable partner test results simplified administrator validation for configurations with sortable file size and modified date details.

Support Ticket easier log file gathering for fast, accurate error diagnostics.

If you have questions, please reach out to schedule a discussion and quick demonstration of Diplomat MFT. Or you can take Diplomat MFT for a free 15-day test drive with no obligations.

With the recent security issues other MFT products are facing, it’s good to know that Coviant Software continues to invest in its Diplomat MFT solution. We love that the improvements they make reflect their respect for customer feedback and that they prioritize a security-first approach. We rely on Diplomat MFT to keep our files moving reliably—on-time and secure.


Healthcare CTO

Already the industry’s leading secure managed file transfer solution, Diplomat MFT now boasts better security and workflow automation. Combined with our existing excellent feature set,  Diplomat MFT 9.2 delivers performance that exceeds customer expectations for functionality, ease of use, and enterprise-grade scalability without sacrificing security for convenience.

With major managed file transfer software players such as JScape, Globalscape, GoAnywhere, Cerberus, and Ipswitch now owned by profit-hungry private equity firms, and other vendors cutting back on R&D and product improvements, choices have contracted, pushing MFT costs up and compromising customer support. But Coviant Software continues to cater to the demand for a secure, scalable, and cost-effective managed file transfer solution.

Engineered to perform

Diplomat MFT is feature rich and designed to address almost any file transfer requirement, with three editions (Basic, Standard, Enterprise) to support every organization and with Edge Gateway and the SFTP Server available to take full control of your most demanding file transfer processes. And you can rely on Diplomat MFT because it is engineered with security standards like SFTP for secure transport, PGP for file encryption, and to easily integrate your managed file workflows with cloud services from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Box, Dropbox, Oracle Cloud, Citrix ShareFile, and more.


Q: What sets Diplomat MFT apart as a leading managed file transfer solution?

A: Many managed file transfer products started out as an SFTP server with some back-end functionality and lightweight automations added later. Diplomat MFT was designed from the start with a security-first approach to be a complete and secure managed file transfer solution, scalable to meet the needs of the most demanding, enterprise-grade environments. Diplomat MFT’s features and automations make MFT simple without sacrificing security or performance and include Diplomat MFT managed file transfer software, our Edge Gateway, and the Diplomat MFT SFTP server.

Q: Why is the Coviant Software Edge Gateway an important component to managed file transfer security?

A: An edge gateway sits in your network’s DMZ facing the public internet where it allows and monitors connections from authorized third parties and preventing access from threat actors. That keeps your data protected behind the firewall. Without an edge gateway, sensitive data and authentication credentials for the managed file transfer process are handled in the open, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Q: Why is it important to automated PGP encryption and decryption?

A: File encryption is important for keeping data safe because it makes it unreadable and useless to anyone without a decryption key. Without automation, PGP encryption requires complex  and confusing command line applications, and so many organizations skip it for the sake of convenience. Diplomat MFT automates the entire PGP encryption/decryption process, making  it simple to keep data as safe as possible at rest or in transit.

Q: Do you have any final advice for when conducting a managed file transfer software comparison?
A: Choosing the right managed file transfer (MFT) vendor is crucial for ensuring that your business’s data transfer needs are met efficiently and securely. Here are some helpful considerations when conducting a managed file transfer software comparison and review:

1. Security Features:

  • Consideration: Evaluate the security features offered by each vendor, such as encryption methods (SSL/TLS, SFTP, PGP), access controls, and data-at-rest protection.
  • Importance: Security is paramount when transferring sensitive data, especially in industries like healthcare, finance, and government.

2. Compliance Support:

  • Consideration: Check whether the MFT solution supports industry-specific regulations (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR) and offers compliance reporting features.
  • Importance: Compliance is critical in industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as healthcare, finance, and legal services.

3. Integration Capabilities:

  • Consideration: Assess the ability of the MFT solution to integrate with your existing systems, including ERP, CRM, and cloud storage platforms.
  • Importance: Integration streamlines business processes, making it crucial in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

4. Scalability:

  • Consideration: Determine whether the MFT software can scale to accommodate your organization’s growing data transfer needs.
  • Importance: Scalability is vital for industries with fluctuating data volumes, such as retail during peak seasons.

5. User-Friendliness:

  • Consideration: Evaluate the user interface and ease of use of the MFT solution. Consider the learning curve for your staff.
  • Importance: User-friendly software enhances productivity and reduces training time, benefiting all industries.

6. Performance and Speed:

  • Consideration: Test the performance and transfer speed of the MFT software under realistic conditions to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Importance: Industries like media and entertainment require fast data transfer for content distribution.

7. Automation and Workflow:

  • Consideration: Explore the automation and workflow capabilities of the MFT solution, including scheduling, triggers, and notification systems.
  • Importance: Automation is essential for optimizing processes in industries like manufacturing, supply chain, and energy.

8. Reliability and Uptime:

  • Consideration: Research the vendor’s historical uptime and reliability. Look for failover and redundancy options.
  • Importance: Reliability is crucial in industries like telecommunications, where downtime can disrupt services.

9. Support and Maintenance:

  • Consideration: Examine the vendor’s support options, including technical support, updates, and documentation.
  • Importance: Timely support is critical in industries like healthcare, where downtime can impact patient care.

10. Cost and Licensing:

  • Consideration: Understand the pricing structure, including licensing fees, subscription models, and any hidden costs.
  • Importance: Cost considerations are vital in all industries to ensure the solution aligns with your budget.

11. Vendor Reputation:

  • Consideration: Research the vendor’s reputation, customer reviews, and case studies to gauge their track record.
  • Importance: Vendor reliability is essential in industries like aerospace and defense, where sensitive data is involved.

12. Customization and Flexibility:

  • Consideration: Assess the software’s customization options to tailor it to your specific needs.
  • Importance: Customization is valuable in industries like legal services, where unique workflows may be required.

13. Data Transfer Protocols:

  • Consideration: Ensure that the MFT solution supports a wide range of transfer protocols (e.g., FTP, SFTP, HTTP/S).
  • Importance: Protocol flexibility is essential for compatibility with diverse systems and partners in various industries.

14. Data Analytics and Reporting:

  • Consideration: Look for advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into file transfer activities.
  • Importance: Data analytics are valuable in industries like finance for auditing and compliance purposes.

By carefully considering these factors and conducting a thorough comparison and review of managed file transfer vendors, businesses can make an informed decision that aligns with their specific industry requirements and organizational goals.

Comparing vendors against each other can be challenging due to several factors:

  • Specific Requirements: The suitability of an MFT solution depends on the specific needs and requirements of an organization. What may be a disadvantage for one company might be an advantage for another, depending on their unique use case.
  • Feature Sets: MFT solutions vary in terms of their feature sets, and what may be a strength in one solution might not be as critical for another organization. It’s essential to evaluate features based on your specific priorities.
  • Budget Considerations: Different organizations have varying budget constraints, and what might be cost-effective for one business may not align with the budget of another.
  • Company Size: The size of an organization can also impact which MFT solution is the best fit. Smaller companies might prioritize ease of use and cost-effectiveness, while larger enterprises may prioritize scalability and advanced features.
  • Industry Requirements: Different industries have unique compliance and security requirements. Some MFT solutions are tailored to specific industries and regulatory standards, making them a better fit for organizations in those sectors.
  • Vendor Reputation: Vendor reputation can vary, and the perception of a vendor’s reputation may be influenced by factors such as customer support, reliability, and past experiences.

To conduct a fair and accurate comparison, it’s essential to assess MFT solutions based on your organization’s specific needs, industry requirements, budget, and scalability demands. Consider conducting a detailed evaluation, potentially with the assistance of a qualified IT consultant, to ensure you select the MFT solution that aligns best with your unique circumstances.

Choose from 3 Editions

We have three editions of Diplomat MFT to suit varying business requirements and budgets.


$999 USD


Diplomat MFT Core Platform

Automate Secure File Transfers

Web-based Administration

Basic File Handling

Multi-threaded 64-bit Performance


$2499 USD


OpenPGP Encryption

Rich Scheduler

Automated Archiving

File Monitoring

Notifications and Alerting

Reporting & Auditing


$9999 USD


Extensive Protocol Support

Advanced File Handling

Distribution, Replication, and Sync

24×7 Critical Incident Response
– $14,999/year

Which Edition Do I Need?

We can help you with your MFT Software Comparison and would be more than help to offer a free demo of Diplomat MFT.

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File Transfer Protocols

Supports Automating All Major Transfer Protocols


SFTP Server

Host or receive files for secure file exchanges with your clients, customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

External entities connect to your server using any standard SFTP client, using strong authentication and the highest levels of security.

Edge Gateway

No files are ever stored in your DMZ and require no inbound holes in the internal firewall

Securely host an SFTP server AND transfer files between your internal system and external trading partners in a secure, auditable, and compliant manner

Remote Agents

Transfer Files Using Remote Agents

Send files to or from branch locations or partner sites using built-in OpenPGP authentication and encryption, checkpoint restart, and checksum file integrity checking

Secure & Efficient

Secure And Operationally Efficient

Simple interface with options for full alerting, auditing, multi-role administration, file archiving, and extensive logging combine to make operational management pain-free

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established national standards for the security of electronic health care information with both civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance by covered entitles, such as hospitals or physician practices.

PGP Encryption

Best In Class PGP Automation

Encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify encrypted files with a simple checkbox

Cloud Integration

Connect To A Range Of Cloud Storage Providers

Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and more

Enterprise Scheduler

Enterprise Class Scheduling And Folder Monitoring

Schedule jobs down to the minute, including Calendars for exclusions, execution time windows and more, or monitor any accessible shared folder

Workflow Triggers

Comprehensive Source File Selection And Triggers

Transfer the right files the first time by selecting by name patterns, dates, sequence numbers, all with support for trigger files for the whole batch or per-file. Specify the order files should be transferred, including time-based or alphabetically.


Control Diplomat MFT Using Its REST API

Initiate, terminate, and monitor file transfer jobs and more from app servers or using your DevOps tools or enterprise job management platforms


Diplomat can synchronize that source directory structure to any number of destinations. Those destinations are often installations of the Diplomat Remote Agent, offering extensive control, very strong security, and a high level of confidence with SHA-256 checksum integrity validation.