Diplomat MFT Service

Runtime engine that performs file transfer management actions that have been set up by the Diplomat Client.

Diplomat MFT Service

The Diplomat MFT Service:

  • Transfers files between internal systems, secure FTP servers, HTTP/S servers, email servers, SMB servers, Diplomat Remote Agent and other systems that may be outside the firewall
  • Creates log files with system messages, maintains a SQL audit database, and archives copies of files being transferred
  • Communicates with the Diplomat components

When the Diplomat MFT Service is installed, it must have a network identity associated with it which has the privileges needed to read files from all of the source locations in Diplomat file transfer jobs and to write files to all of the destination locations.

If an identity is not specified during installation, it can be added at a later time by editing the Log On Properties associated with the service.

Diplomat MFT Components

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Manage Complex File Transfer Environments

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Initiate complex file transfer jobs with a single command
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