Diplomat MFT 9.0

Diplomat MFT is the best Managed File Transfer solution on the market, with a laser focus on securing and automating file transfers between any two locations, an effortless configuration and management interface, and fanatical support. Stop wasting time and money on manual or scripted file transfers, or inferior competitor products. Use Diplomat MFT instead!

Diplomat MFT

No-Code File Transfer Automation


Configure as many file transfer workflows as you want. Use the built-in scheduler, or invoke with API or CLI.  The entire file transfer process is fully automated and secured.


No need to write code, or learn a complex system of pseudo-code with workflow builders.  Just fill out the transfer details and check the boxes that you need.


All file transfer workflows support notifications over email, Slack, and/or MS Teams.  IT and business personnel will never be in the dark again.


With FIPS-compatible cryptography, full auditing, and data archive and retention support, Diplomat MFT makes it easy to achieve compliance. 


Watch It In Action


Effortlessly automate your manual file transfer processes.

Diplomat MFT has been carefully developed and intentionally designed over 15+ years to be the easiest, most secure, and complete Managed File Transfer solution available.  Diplomat MFT includes robust file transfer workflow handling, an enterprise grade scheduler, flexible notification options, and security woven throughout the entire product.


What You Get

Web Based Administration

Transfer files from anywhere, to anywhere

World Class Support

3rd party Integration via CLI or API

Full Auditing and Logging for compliance

Activity Monitoring

Robust Documentation

Notifications via e-mail, Slack, and/or Teams

"Diplomat enabled us to take two time-consuming and inefficient processes – encrypting and setting up file transfers – and make them one single, automated process that supports Allegheny’s business requirements"

– Allegheny Energy

"Coviant listens to its customers and strives to exceed expectations. Diplomat Enterprise Edition gets better and better with each new release"

– Christus Health

"Diplomat MFT streamlined our process allowing us to do more with less while continuing to meet our HIPAA secure file transfer compliance requirements."

– Molina Healthcare


“I got Diplomat MFT up and running in less than a day!”

Coviant Software has made Diplomat MFT effortless to install and configure. With a no-code, intuitive user interface and a focus on pragmatic file transfer automation, customers begin automating their file transfer workflows quickly — often within an hour of setting up the software.

“I Tripled productivity of my department!”

IT Departments become more productive with Diplomat MFT. Teams stop spending time building and maintaining scripts or batch files, and chasing down the support tickets of “Where is my file?” and “Why didn’t the file transfer properly?” Diplomat MFT automates the process with no coding skills required, and provides full audit trails, file archiving, and alerts of e-mail, Slack, and MS Teams to lighten the load on the IT team.

“Diplomat MFt made compliance easy.”

Many organizations face compliance challenges when it comes to file transfers:  HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, GDPR, CCPA, FERPA, PCI DSS, and more.  Diplomat MFT’s security and auditing features make compliance a breeze.

Enterprise Ready

Get enterprise performance at SMB prices

Coviant Software believes that everyone should have access to an enterprise class Managed File Transfer solution, no matter what your sizes.  After all, data security is every company’s responsibility, no matter what their size.  Our Diplomat MFT solution has all the features that you need for automating and securing your file transfers at a price that fits every company.



Used By Companies Worldwide

Bring no-code automation to your file transfer processes.

Writing and maintaining scripts is hard, and error prone.  Even “low-code” MFT solutions require you to learn their tool’s drag-and-drop workflow builders that lead to repetitive work and pseudo-code creation.

Diplomat MFT offers a different way.  No code, just fill out standard information and check the boxes you are interested in.  Diplomat MFT takes care of all the details for you.