Diplomat MFT

Diplomat MFT is a managed file transfer solution which automates and secures file transfers using a centralized, enterprise-level approach. Diplomat MFT saves you time and money, improves security and helps your organization to meet compliance mandates.

Diplomat MFT will provide a secure, automated, and audited method for transferring your files from anywhere, to anywhere, without the need for programming nor special skills. Diplomat MFT can be deployed on almost any operating system on-premises, in virtual or Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, or in hybrid environments.


Diplomat MFT

Effortlessly schedule file transfer workflows between any two endpoints without any scripting.  Full auditing and alerting to achieve compliance. Built-in support for Open PGP encryption and many protocols including SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, Local Network, and Cloud Storage providers.

Diplomat SFTP Server

Simple, secure, and firewall-friendly, the Diplomat MFT SFTP Server makes it easy to set up trading partner interfaces so others can send files to your company securely from any system. With strong cryptography and easy administration, SFTP is perfect for automating batch file transfers.

Diplomat Remote Agent

Deploy Diplomat Remote Agent in branch offices or satellite locations to distribute file transfer workflow capabilities while, at the same time, centralizing the management and monitoring of those activities.

Diplomat MFT Diagram

Your #1 Choice For Managed File Transfer

On average, Diplomat MFT customers save over $9,000 per year compared to other leading MFT solutions.  Coviant Software is focused on bringing you the best value, highest quality solution for automating and securing file transfers.

Effortless file transfer automation

Highly secure SFTP Server

Security and auditing for compliance

Unlimited File Transfers 

Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition

Unlike the competition, Coviant Software does not limit your usage of Diplomat MFT Enterprise edition.  You can have as many automated file transfer workflows as you want.  As many SFTP users as you need.  As many files transferred as often as you want — all at one simple price and no “overage” charges based upon usage.

What Customers Are Saying About Diplomat MFT

Our software helps hundreds of companies to automate and secure millions of file transfers every day

Diplomat enabled us to take two time-consuming and inefficient processes – encrypting and setting up file transfers – and make them one single, automated process that supports Allegheny’s business requirements.

Allegheny Energy, Customer Since 2010

Diplomat MFT streamlined our process allowing us to do more with less while continuing to meet our HIPAA secure file transfer compliance requirements.

Molina Healthcare, Customer Since 2007

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