Take a Walk Down Main Street: Town Hall

by | May 23, 2022

We are back on Main Street (that’s the equivalent of High Street for our customers across the Pond) where you’ll often find your community’s town hall. Whether long or short, Main Street is the focus of civic life and, traditionally, where citizens would gather to do their personal or civic business. Having a centralized, easily accessible location for people to pay taxes, obtain licenses, debate and vote on issues related to the community makes sense. And while social dynamics have changed a lot over the centuries, it’s still vital to have a focal point for the operation of government at every level.

Town Hall is the Center of Civic Life

Town governments have the responsibility for a lot of different kinds of data. Every aspect of life runs through town hall, whether business or personal. Individuals pay their taxes, file their town census, apply for various licenses and permits, and update the record whenever any significant changes of life occur. Businesses operating in town have to provide similar data. Some of the most sensitive, private information about citizens and businesses is shared with and kept by a town’s government. In turn, the various agencies and departments of local government must share that information with the county, state, and federal government, as well as vendors and other contractors operating in support of the town.

Town government is also an employer, and so the records of every person on the payroll has to be collected and shared with banks, benefits managers, and the like. Even a small town has a lot of sensitive data that has to be kept secure and transferred to various entities. It’s a complex process and one that bears a lot of responsibility.

Good Government on a Budget

Data breaches are a common occurrence for local government agencies. Often, town governments are not afforded budgets that allow them to invest in state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools, or hire individuals skilled in the craft of keeping networks and technology systems secure. Instead, they rely on conscientious employees doing their best to operate with common tools and best practices for security and information management. But people make mistakes; people have bad days when outside distractions prevent them from devoting their full attention to work.

That’s when a secure managed file transfer tool can be a big help. And when that tool is an award-winning, easy-to-use, no-code software product that is recognized as the best value in the market, even a small town can justify the cost. In fact, Diplomat MFT is the secure, managed file transfer product of choice for many local and county governments that understand they have a responsibility to keep data secure when sharing it with other entities.

Many Towns and Cities Rely on Diplomat MFT

Whether it’s a tech-savvy city in the Pacific Northwest, a sprawling county government in the Sunshine State, a suburban Rust Belt community, or a mid-sized midwestern crossroads municipality, local governments across the country rely on Diplomat MFT to safely send, receive, store, and retrieve their most sensitive files. And for the taxpayers in those communities, they not only get the benefit of knowing their sensitive information is being handled safely and reliably, but that their civic leaders exercised fiscal responsibility by investing in Diplomat MFT.

Coviant Software is proud that so many local governments (maybe even yours) and governmental agencies trust Diplomat MFT with the handling of their most sensitive data. We’d be honored to support your community or business as well. Take Diplomat MFT for a free test drive, or request a no obligation demonstration to see how easy and cost-efficient it is to put Diplomat MFT to work for your business or community.

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