Qlik Repliweb End of Service & Replacement Advice

Qlik RepliWeb End of Service prompts users to look for MFT Alternatives

We have addressed the issue of risk associated when a favored vendor gets acquired or decides to discontinue a particular product. In the case of an acquisition, pricing often increases while service and support decreases. Or maybe some products get subsumed into the incumbent’s portfolio while attempting to migrate as many of the acquired entity’s customers to the new brand and product. with a product’s end of life.

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You Know what Happens when You Assume

When the products involved are used in the secure management of data, such transitions can result in mistakes or assumptions that undermine security. The risks were illustrated when an unpatched vulnerability in a data transfer appliance that had been discontinued by Accellion was exploited by threat actors who then breached organizations around the world. Accellion announced the appliance’s end-of-life after the operating system became obsolete, and that the product would no longer be supported with patches and updates.

For whatever reason the appliance remained in service in many organizations and cybercriminals were quick to take advantage.

It’s good when companies that are planning to shutter a product or service give ample advanced warning to their customers. Some will need shepherding to migrate to the vendor’s new offering, while others may decide that it’s time to move on. Depending on the product and how deeply integrated it is within a customer’s enterprise and supply chain, it can take months to review new products and make the changes necessary to keep operations going smoothly.

Another One Bites the Dust

Qlik announced more than a year ago that it was shuttering a number of its products, including the Repliweb line of data management products it inherited after buying Attunity in 2019. Users of Repliweb, including the Repliweb MFT managed file transfer platform will find their products unsupported as of January 31, 2022. That is just a few months away.

If you are a user of Repliweb MFT, or any of the other managed file transfer products caught up in the industry’s recent spate of mergers and acquisitions, you might be in for a dose of sticker shock, or a let-down in customer service. Or maybe you were already dissatisfied with your current managed file transfer platform and are thinking about a change.

Give Diplomat MFT (Managed File Transfer) Software a Try

Sounds like it would be a good time to take a new product for a test drive. If so, why not try Coviant Software’s Diplomat MFT platform? Diplomat MFT is our award-winning, secure managed file transfer family of products that are recognized as the industry’s value leader. Diplomat MFT has all the features you need, like PGP file encryption, process automation, SFTP support, auditability, and the capacity to handle both large files and large batches of files.

Diplomat MFT is trusted by thousands of customers across every industry, including those with strict privacy and security regulations, like healthcare, financial services, legal, government, retail, manufacturing, and more.

If you are looking for a change, or find yourself in need of a secure managed file transfer solution, download a free trial of Diplomat MFT, or request a no-obligation demonstration. Try us for free and see why we’re the best value in MFT.


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