Best Business Value award goes to … Coviant Diplomat Managed File Transfer

by | Dec 3, 2019

We’re delighted to have been recognized again as the leading vendor in the Managed File Transfer industry for creating business value.

At a time when software vendors are consistently raising prices, we’re proud to have kept ours at the same level for nearly ten years.

As a private company we’re under no pressure to increase our revenues from our existing customers. Instead, at Coviant, we focus on providing more functionality for you to choose as your requirements evolve. We’re always looking to add new features to our software to provide more value and address a wider set of automation use cases. Our focus is on solving real-world file transfer automation problems. This makes sure we continue to meet our existing customers’ needs and they remain highly satisfied. We believe making customers happy is the best way to grow our business, not bait-and-switch tactics or constantly raising prices.

If your company is using scripting or an alternative MFT technology that’s growing stale – or you’re concerned about the ever-increasing cost of your software – we’d be delighted if you’d take Diplomat MFT for a spin with our free 15-day trial.

Call (210) 985-0985 or get in touch via email ( to discuss your needs with a solution architect to see if Diplomat MFT can provide better value to your business.


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