Coviant Software partnership with Maytech broadens the scope of both offerings

by | May 6, 2020

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Maytech, creators of the Quatrix platform.  Quatrix is a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use cloud hosted SFTP solution.  It provides an excellent platform for interactive, people-to-people file sharing.  On the other hand, Diplomat MFT focuses on automating unattended file transfers. Because of our respective strengths, Diplomat MFT and Quatrix complement each other very well.  Therefore, this partnership is a natural fit for our companies. And it is a great benefit to our customers!

Maytech Logo
Modern file exchange workflows involve more than machine-to-machine file transfers.  In addition, the modern knowledge worker needs more: Content sharing. Team collaboration. Synchronizing across devices.  As a result, we often hear from our customers about these needs.  By partnering with Maytech, we can now offer both styles of file exchanges.

In conclusion, some Coviant customers need server file sharing capabilities.  Maytech Quatrix is a product from a trusted partner that solves the problem.

Maytech customers need reliable, unattended automation of secure file transfers.  Diplomat MFT fits the bill.

Together, these highly secure, easy to use, award wining products are sure to empower customers to overcome any file transfer challenges. If you are interested in exploring how Diplomat MFT and Maytech Quatrix can help you with your file transfer and sharing needs, please consider requesting a demonstration, or downloading a free trial.


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