Diplomat eBusiness Solution Replaces McAfee E-Business Server for PGP Encryption

by | Dec 4, 2013

After replacing McAfee E-Business Server, Southern States Cooperative has fewer file encryption failures, reduced troubleshooting efforts and improved overall security.

Coviant Software’s McAfee E-business Server Replacement Program is designed to offer a quick migration path for organizations that want to replace McAfee® E-Business Server for OpenPGP encryption.

Southern States Cooperative decided to replace McAfee® E-Business Server for PGP encryption when they heard the news that McAfee E-Business Server would become unsupported tech in July 2014. (McAfee has subsequently entered into an agreement with a third-party to continue support for McAfee E-Business Server customers.)  They needed a solution that would provide a command line interface, enable them to keep the other components of the file transfer system intact, and be affordable.
Southern States Replace McAfee E-Business Server Case Study
“When Southern States Cooperative contacted us looking for a replacement for McAfee E-Business Server, it gave us the opportunity to follow the migration process closely and see if Diplomat eBusiness Solution would deliver on our promise of rapid migration and improved productivity,” says Pam Reid, CEO at Coviant Software.

The migration to Diplomat eBusiness Solution was completed in only 3 weeks.  “After the migration, we approached Southern States and were pleased that they agreed to document their experience in a case study,” says Reid.

Bob Whitty of Southern States Cooperative E-Business Development sums up the overall impact of the migration this way…  “I could never have predicted the impact Diplomat eBusiness Solution would have on reducing the manpower effort required to resolve issues – or how much sheer frustration it would eliminate for us.  In fact, we hardly ever even have issues now.  We are definitely getting more than our money’s worth.”

Contact us to request a live demonstration to experience how easy it is to replace McAfee® E-Business Server with a Diplomat eBusiness Solution.

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