Diplomat Managed File Transfer Increases IT Productivity

by | Aug 12, 2010

Diplomat Managed File Transfer v4.0 makes IT departments more productive by efficiently monitoring and controlling secure file transfers across email, secure FTP, and HTTP/S

Coviant Software, a leading supplier of managed file transfer solutions, makes IT departments more productive with real-time visibility of secure file transfers.  Diplomat Transaction Manager v4.0 expands real-time job monitoring by capturing in-depth file transfer information for more efficient management of secure file transfers.

“visibility is a key first step to identifying the process, systems and people affecting and being affected by messages, files and transactions”

A recent Gartner Group report on managed file transfer recognized that “visibility is a key first step to identifying the process, systems and people affecting and being affected by messages, files and transactions”.  Diplomat Transaction Manager’s job monitor provides IT departments the end-to-end visibility needed to proactively monitor, track, and troubleshoot files as they move internally or externally.

“With Diplomat, we can respond to changes in secure files transfer requirements quickly and efficiently with fewer IT resources”, says Alberto Laveaga, NOC and Operations Manager, Molina Healthcare.  “Given our computing environment, the expanded job monitoring capabilities in the new release will benefit us greatly and allow the Molina Healthcare IT department greater visibility of managed file transfer information, including the data to escalate issues in a timely fashion when necessary.”  Molina® Healthcare, Inc. provides managed care services to 4.3 million persons eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, and other government-sponsored programs with 189,000 providers in 14 states.

Expanded file transfer options, like email and HTTP/S, make it easier for IT departments to serve their users with one centralized managed file transfer solution.  According to Dmitry Gorchakov, Development Manager at Gilmore Doculink, “We regularly receive requests from various departments to decrypt files that they have received as email attachments.  Now, users can email encrypted files to a specific email account being monitored by Diplomat.  When Diplomat finds a file, it downloads it, decrypts it, and places it in a central repository where users can access it. We anticipate this new process will help us be more productive and provide better service to our users.”  Gilmore Doculink provides full-service electronic document management, print, fulfillment, and distribution services for some of the world’s largest corporations, including many of the largest financial services firms.

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About Coviant Software
Coviant Software delivers managed file transfer products that secure data in transit and improve compliance with industry and government mandates. Built on open technologies, such as OpenPGP encryption, email, secure FTP, HTTP/S and SQL, Coviant’s Diplomat Transaction Manager suite is an easy to implement, cost-effective solution for automating your managed file transfer process.