Coviant Software Announces Diplomat Managed File Transfer v5.0

by | Jul 30, 2012

Diplomat Managed File Transfer v5.0 now with concurrent user access and enhanced user account privilege management

The primary new features in Diplomat Managed File Transfer v5.0 focus on offering concurrent support for multiple users and more flexible user account privileges.  Multiple concurrent Diplomat Client connections now offer the ability for users to modify secure file transfer settings while other users access the Diplomat Job Monitor.

“As part of the transition to multiple user support, we converted all Diplomat transaction datastore files to an embedded SQL database,” said Jim Ford, CTO at Coviant Software.  “This change also improved the performance of the Diplomat Client when setting up new transactions, which is particularly important for our customers with large numbers of trading partners and file transfer jobs.”

Other new features include support for:

. Ability to automate daily creation of backup files and delete older backup files for less manual tasks for file transfer administrators.

. Ability to set an expiration date when creating new OpenPGP master keys.  This change did not affect pre-existing keys or imported OpenPGP keys which retained all of their current expiration dates.

. Enhanced user account privilege management with support for both Administrator and User roles.  User roles do not have privileges to change system-wide settings.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer comes in three editions to handle different levels of secure file transfer needs — Basic, Standard and Enterprise Edition. To get a  recommendation for the managed file transfer product that best fits your needs go to /products/diplomat-managed-file-transfer/recommend-edition/.

To find out more about Diplomat Managed File Transfer’s capabilities, go to /diplomat-managed-file-transfer/ or get a free trial at /products/diplomat-managed-file-transfer/free-trial/.

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Coviant Software delivers Managed File Transfer solutions to improve the productivity of file transfer administrators. Diplomat Managed File Transfer software uses Intelligent File Transfer(TM) design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so file transfer experts can quickly design and deploy file transfer jobs with fewer errors and failed transfers.

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