Free OpenPGP Encryption Tool to Automate Encryption Tasks Now Available

Coviant Software introduces Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition, a free OpenPGP tool, to address the need for easy to use, open source encryption for both automated and ad hoc file encryption tasks.

Coviant Software announces the release of Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition a free OpenPGP tool, for users that want the security of OpenPGP encryption coupled with automation and ease-of-use.  To minimize the risk of backdoors, Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition’s encryption features are built on open source code that is freely available for review.

“With recent allegations that the NSA has hidden backdoors in products from major security vendors, we wanted to offer a free OpenPGP Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition, a free OpenPGP toolalternative built on open source encryption software,” said Pam Reid, CEO of Coviant Software.  “Some free OpenPGP-compliant tools already exist, but most are too complex for the average user.  Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition combines security and automation in one easy-to-use tool.”

Diplomat Community Edition brings ease-of-use to typical OpenPGP encryption tasks without requiring any special technical skills.  With Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition, users can:

  • Encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files using strong OpenPGP algorithms
  • Schedule file encryption or decryption jobs to automate business processes
  • Encrypt or decrypt many files in a single job
  • Transfer files anywhere on a local network after encryption or decryption
  • Run ad hoc encryption or decryption jobs as needed
  • Create new OpenPGP keys or import OpenPGP key rings
  • Compatible with existing OpenPGP tools, such as McAfee® E-Business Server, Symantec® PGP Command Line and free OpenPGP-compliant tools

Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition is available for free download and can be upgraded to any Diplomat Managed File Transfer product for users needing additional features.

About  Coviant Software

Coviant Software has been a trusted provider of OpenPGP encryption, decryption, signing, verification and other OpenPGP features for 10 years.  Coviant Software delivers Managed File Transfer solutions to improve the productivity of file transfer administrators. Diplomat Managed File Transfer software uses Intelligent File Transfer(TM) design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so file transfer experts can quickly design and deploy file transfer jobs with fewer errors and failed transfers.