“I am excited to help shape what the future holds”

by | Oct 22, 2019

Newly appointed Managed File Transfer expert Eric Hall explains why the future is bright for Coviant Software.

Mr. Eric Hall

Eric Hall

It was seventeen years ago that I transitioned from my career as a network and systems administrator to the world of Managed File Transfer solutions. It is my true and distinct privilege to take the next step up on this journey with Coviant Software and the Diplomat MFT platform. Coviant has a stellar history of customer-centric design and a creative approach to problem solving for the market that stands out amongst the cookie-cutter competition.

With the reigns of Coviant in the sure and eminently capable hands of Greg Hoffer, the decision to join this team was an easy one to make. Over the course of my career designing, selling, implementing, and supporting MFT solutions, I have seen numerous personalities of varying sorts come and go at every level. Greg is one of the elite few who inspires the kind of confidence required to elevate Coviant even further for the benefit of all users. I can testify that he not only understands the technology and the market needs but has the track record of excellence and pragmatic decision-making to craft the best overall outcome for our customers.

In addition to the right people in place, Coviant’s mature Diplomat MFT platform was a strong draw for me. Few solutions are as laser focused on the streamlined orchestration of data movement and handling. Others become bloated and convoluted trying to retroactively shoehorn new concepts and approaches into legacy products and get distracted charging steep fees to chase checkboxes and flavor-of-the-month buzzwords. While not terribly unusual in any tech sector, it so rarely services the actual needs of the men and women who depend on the product to deliver on the promise of streamlined, reliable, secure, movement of files.

Coviant is different. With Diplomat MFT, I’ve found a strong and very well-thought-out platform built on a stable and carefully laid foundation. Diplomat provides surprising capacity and sophistication at what I still find to be a surprisingly affordable price. It has tremendous potential to expand from here to cover an even wider set of integration, compliance and automation capabilities at the best value in the market that I’ve seen in recent memory. The fact that Diplomat as a cross-platform solution runs so well on a wide variety of both Windows and Linux platforms is even better.

I’ve now had a chance to talk to consistently happy customers in security-intensive healthcare, finance, insurance, retail, energy, education, and other sectors. They rely on Diplomat to deliver on their mission-critical automated transfers. Coviant’s commitment to providing connectivity to numerous endpoints, from traditional FTP and SFTP to cloud storage providers, remote agents, and even AS2, along with an easy and streamlined approach to workflow orchestration and extremely reliable execution have all served to provide a level of satisfaction beyond anything I’ve seen before. My conviction that Diplomat solves real-world problems, eases pains and helps fulfil the never-ending task of achieving policy and regulatory compliance is well-founded. When you’re part of a team producing software, so often it’s easy to forget these are actual people – human beings – whose lives we’re trying to make easier and better, not just faceless corporations. Customers should be serviced, not seen as an obstacle to overcome.

It’s with all that in mind that I am delighted to join the Coviant team. I look forward to helping forge new paths for those needing solutions and strengthen the already excellent relationships with our existing customers. I am proud to represent the Diplomat Managed File Transfer solution platform, and I am excited to help shape what the future holds. With the solid foundation of both Diplomat MFT and truly remarkable talents like Greg Hoffer, that future is bright.

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