Industry News: Coviant Software Releases Diplomat MFT 9.2

by | Oct 12, 2023

Coviant Software Amplifies Enterprise Focus, Security-by-Design with Release of Diplomat MFT 9.2

Threat actors are targeting managed file transfer software. Better options are needed to keep data safe and private.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, October 12, 2023 –While major players in the managed file transfer (MFT) industry face criticism over security breaches and ransomware attacks, Coviant Software has fortified its award-winning Diplomat MFT software with the release of version 9.2, emphasizing enhanced security and enterprise-centric features. As always, the changes reflect Coviant Software’s respect for customer feedback and ongoing investment in anticipating emerging market trends to achieve continuous product improvement.

Key Enhancements in Diplomat MFT 9.2 include:

  • LDAP integration for administrators and SFTP users, supporting seamless user provisioning and authentication with popular identity provider and directory systems, like Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This improvement allows enterprise identity and access management centrally and securely.
  • SharePoint Transport for simplified file transfer to and from SharePoint on-premises or within Office 365.
  • Virtual File System support for Diplomat MFT’s SFTP Server, including virtual folders and granular permissions with SFTP user groups.
  • Remote Agent enhancements to deliver greater support for hybrid and flexible deployments in Linux and Windows environments, including automatic streaming compression and full symbolic link support.
  • Browsable partner test results make it easy for administrators to validate configurations with sortable file size and modified date details.
  • Support Ticket item added to the Help menu to assist administrators in gathering log files and other important details to help diagnose technical issues more quickly and effectively.

Diplomat MFT v9.2Managed file transfer is still the most secure and reliable way to move critical files and automate business and IT workflows. By leveraging process automation, encryption, and secure protocols, MFT saves you time and minimizes the risk of human error in many scenarios. For example, automating payroll file transfers to banking partners, ensuring sensitive medical file transfers meet HIPAA mandates for security and privacy, and complying with service level agreements through reliable, scheduled transfers.

Coviant Software’s Diplomat MFT software meets customer expectations for functionality, ease of use, and enterprise-grade scalability without sacrificing security for convenience. However, other managed file transfer product choices in design and deployment have come at the cost of security, resulting in some of the most significant data breaches in 2023, including one directly affecting more than 2200 organizations and as many as 67 million individual consumers, according to estimates by governance, risk, and compliance research firm KonBriefing Research.

The process of moving and managing data is fraught with risk, and with so many threat actors on the prowl looking to exploit errors of both omission and commission, it is paramount that MFT solutions prioritize security. Our enhancements to Diplomat MFT 9.2 adhere to secure by design principles, as always. And with the capacity to handle huge file volume and capacity with virtually limitless concurrent scheduling, Diplomat MFT is positioned as the best solution on the market for any organization regardless of size, industry, or managed file transfer workload complexity.” — CEO Greg Hoffer, Coviant Software

With major players such as JScape, Globalscape, GoAnywhere, Cerberus, and Ipswitch purchased by profit-hungry private equity firms, and other vendors cutting back on R&D, MFT software choices have contracted, pushing costs up and compromising customer support. In addition, many vendors are now scrambling to address vulnerabilities in their products. In contrast, Coviant Software’s latest enhancements cater to enterprises’ demand for secure, scalable, and cost-effective MFT solutions. And because of Coviant Software’s commitment to transparent, ethical pricing, there is no need to “cut corners” on data transfer security.

For a detailed overview of Diplomat MFT’s product range and offerings, including its unparalleled security and administration features, visit the Diplomat MFT 9.2 information page. Or take Diplomat MFT for a free test drive today!