The NSA provides guidance on TLS configuration for Information Security

by | Jan 6, 2021

Coviant Software takes information security seriously.

This is why we are so pleased to see that the NSA has released guidance on proper configuration of TLS configuration.  With simple and clear guidance, as well as a nifty Infographic (who doesn’t love a good infographic?), this guidance helps all IT administrators to secure the network communications. The guidance ensures that only strong encryption and authentication is used to protect the transmitted data.  We laud this effort and encourage everyone in an IT function to review the material in order to improve their information security posture.Security Picture

For all Diplomat MFT customers — or anyone interested in acquiring the industry’s best value Managed File Transfer solution to automate and secure their file transfer processes (or replace an unhappy existing solution) — you can rest easy.  Our award winning secure file transfer automation platform provides, by default, a security configuration that strikes the perfect balance between security and interoperability.  After all, even the best security guidance of the NSA will not be immediately followed by your customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, trading partners, financial institutions, and so on.  A Managed File Transfer solution must, therefore, be flexible enough to interoperate with those file exchange partners who lag behind the state of the industry security configuration.  At the same time, the solution must be configurable to enforce the appropriate security where possible.   Diplomat MFT does just that.

With strong SFTP, PGP, and SSL configuration by default, Diplomat MFT ensures a secure turn-key installation that meets the rigorous security standards across many industries.  The solution also provides simple configuration for all security protocols, allowing you to increase or relax protocol security at any level from system-wide all the way down to an individual workflow.

We are also the only MFT vendor to support the TLS 1.3 protocol, which is recommended by the NSA guidance.

Want to improve your information security while automating your file transfer processes?  Why don’t you ask for a quick demonstration of how our Diplomat MFT solution can help.

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