That Little Ol’ Software Company from Texas

by | Mar 20, 2023

Texans are a proud bunch. Especially those of us lucky enough to be able to claim the title, “native Texan.” I am a born, raised, and educated here native Texan and I’m proud and privileged to run a company based in San Antonio, Texas–the beating heart of the Lone Star State.

Occasionally you’ll hear me refer to Coviant Software as “that little ol’ software company from Texas,” and the other day someone asked me if I wasn’t being demeaning to the company by calling it “little.” Au contraire mon frère. You see, you’ve got to look at things from a Texas perspective. Everything’s a little bigger here in one way or another.

Take one of Texas’ favorite native bands, ZZ Top—a trio of proud Texans who created a unique, boisterous, and oversized sound. They call themselves “that little ol’ band from Texas,” but there’s nothing little about ZZ Top. Billy Gibbons (Houston), Dusty Hill (Dallas), and Frank Beard (Frankston) were famous for exporting Texas to the rest of the country with their mid-1970s Worldwide Texas Tour concert road show that featured a massive Texas-shaped stage and a menagerie of animals including a longhorn steer, buffalo, vultures, and rattlesnakes.

Delivering More than Your Money’s Worth

ZZ Top or Coviant Software? If you squint hard enough, you can’t tell the difference.

While other rock and roll bands of the time were experimenting with orchestral arrangements, operatic formats, synthesized psychedelic sound, and blends of disco, country, funk, and folk, ZZ Top delivered a straightforward bluesy sound with a sly Texas twist. The little ol’ band from Texas knew how to package high-quality, audience-pleasing rock and roll with infectious enthusiasm. With songs like Squank, It’s Only Love, La Grange, and Francine, they were having fun and wanted their fans and audience to join in. To deliver the goods the Tres Hombres went above and beyond to make sure everyone who bought an album or purchased a concert ticket got more than their money’s worth.

When music videos became popular in the ‘80s, ZZ Top evolved their look and approach with long beards, hot rods, and fuzzy guitars, winning over a new generation of fans. Songs like Sharp Dressed Man, TV Dinners, Legs, Sleeping Bag, and Velcro Fly sold millions and showed the band could keep their trademark sound and sense of humor relevant even in an era of big hair and skinny ties. Along the way, ZZ Top won awards and accolades, amassed gold and platinum records, and eventually earned enshrinement into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. At the time of bassist Dusty Hill’s death in 2021 ZZ Top had the distinction of playing with the same lineup for 51 years—a record in the history of popular music and a testament to their enduring musicianship and popularity.

Coviant Software: A Texas-Sized Value

All of this to say that, just as ZZ Top—that little ol’ band from Texas—were unabashed ambassadors of the Lone Star State and had a lot of fun doing it while delivering a consistently high-quality product, Coviant Software—that little ol’ software company from Texas—feels the same way. Our beards may not be as long, and we may never spin fuzzy guitars, but we’re proud to follow the Texas template that ZZ Top established for showing the world how to get things done. We love what we do, we have a lot of fun doing it, we make a product with a consistently high level of quality, we’ve won awards and industry accolades, we’ve successfully evolved with the times, and for a company our size we punch way above our weight class to deliver a Texas-sized value.

If you need a secure, managed file transfer product that you can count on to tackle mission-critical data transfers reliably and at whatever scale your organization requires, we’d love to talk about how we can help. Organizations around the globe trust Coviant Software and our Diplomat MFT platform to send, receive, host, and retrieve their most sensitive data. You can trust us, too. Contact us today to learn how.