Effortlessly automate SFTP file transfers and PGP encryption

Award-Winning Solution. Multiple File Transfer Protocols.

Secure Transfers With Popular Connectors

Protect Sensitive Financial Data

Stay Compliant With Our Industry-Leading Software


Complicated Healthcare Data?

Secure File Transfers. HIPAA Compliant. Simple Interface.


Big Business Data Requirements?

Manage, Automate, Integrate and Audit Your File Transfers


Coviant Diplomat Managed File Transfer.

Award-Winning, Secure File Transfer Automation.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer

Diplomat MFT is a secure file transfer and PGP automation solution that is compatible with any OS or container, either on-premises or in the Cloud. Diplomat supports most standard file transfer protocols and Cloud Storage providers. An enterprise-class scheduler combines with alerting, auditing, and visibility to smoothly and reliably automate your file transfer workflows.

A simple user interface incorporates over 15 years of experience in delivering solutions to happy and loyal customers worldwide. Diplomat MFT relieves your IT team and business users of burdensome file transfer automation scripting problems and chaotic, broken processes.

Coviant Diplomat MFT Overview

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Industry-Leading Features

File Transfer Protocols

Supports All Major Transfer Protocols


PGP Encryption

Best In Class PGP Automation

Encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify encrypted files with a simple checkbox

Cloud Integration

Connect To A Range Of Cloud Storage Providers

Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and more

Enterprise Scheduler

Enterprise Class Scheduling And Folder Monitoring

Schedule jobs down to the minute, including Calendars for exclusions, execution time windows and more, or monitor any accessible shared folder

Workflow Triggers

Comprehensive Source File Selection And Triggers

Transfer the right files the first time by selecting by name patterns, dates, sequence numbers, all with support for trigger files for the whole batch or per-file. Specify the order files should be transferred, including time-based or alphabetically.


Control Diplomat MFT Using Its REST API

Initiate, terminate, and monitor file transfer jobs and more from app servers or using your DevOps tools or enterprise job management platforms

Remote Agents

Transfer Files Using Remote Agents

Send files to or from branch locations or partner sites using built-in OpenPGP authentication and encryption, checkpoint restart, and checksum file integrity checking

Secure & Efficient

Secure And Operationally Efficient

Simple interface with options for full alerting, auditing, multi-role administration, file archiving, and extensive logging combine to make operational management pain-free

Improved Security

Manage Access, Track Activity, Create Audit Trail Reports

Manage Complex File Transfer Environments

Diplomat’s intuitive point-and-click interface makes it easy to schedule file transfer jobs.

Automate Secure File Transfers

Initiate complex file transfer jobs with a single command
using Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent

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