Diplomat MFT Client

Diplomat MFT Client is a user application that enables the creation and modification of file transfer job and configuration settings (e.g,PGP keys, secure FTP logins and job schedules), which are used to schedule and run secure file transfer jobs. You can also start the Diplomat MFT Client from a browser or desktop icon linked to a Java Web Launch file.

Diplomat MFT Client Initial Screen

Menu Bar allows access to a variety of functions via sub-menus and pop-up dialog boxes:

  • File – Control license management, password updates, backup, merge, restore, view log files, and exit.
  • Keys – Import, create, modify, export, delete, and recover OpenPGP keys, SSH keys, and SSL server certificates.
  • Partners – Create, save, delete, and search for partner profiles.
  • Transactions – Create, save, delete, and search transactions.
  • Settings – Set up system-wide parameters and defaults to be used in creating, running, and debugging transactions and transaction-specific defaults to be used when creating new transactions.
  • Jobs – Release jobs, suspend jobs, and open the job monitor to view job history, execute, cancel, and/or terminate jobs.
  • Reports – Generate key, partner, transaction, or audit reports.

Active Window on the right-hand side of the main screen displays the active key, partner, or transaction that is being viewed or edited.

Navigation Tree on the left-hand side of the main screen displays folders, sub-folders, and objects in a tree format for easy navigation. The navigation tree also:

  • Displays root folder name, which is the name of the server where the Diplomat MFT Service is installed and the Diplomat MFT version number. On rollover, the domain and username set as the Diplomat MFT Service logon is displayed.
  • Displays partner profiles and keys that are available for use in defining transactions.
  • Highlights the name of the partner profile, transaction, or key that is currently displayed in the active window for viewing or editing.
  • Bolds the name of any partner profiles, transactions, and keys that have changes pending before being saved.
  • Indicates scheduling states of transactions by displaying colored status indicator icons.
  • Allows functions, such as Export, Save, Save As, Run Now, Delete, Release, Suspend, or Search, by right-clicking transactions, keys, partners, and/or folders.
Diplomat MFT Client Annotated Screen

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