Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent

Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent lets you by-pass Diplomat’s built-in scheduler and use another application to initiate file transfer jobs. Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent works by sending a request to the Diplomat MFT Service to immediately schedule a specific file transfer job that was previously set up using the Diplomat MFT Client.

When setting up a job in the Diplomat MFT Client, check Allow Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent requests in the Job Execution panel to indicate the job will be initiated by Diplomat Scripting Agent. Be sure to set Run Jobs Using to <NONE> to disable Diplomat’s built-in scheduler.

Job Execution Panel


Many system events, scheduled tasks or specific application events can be set to trigger a Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent command to initiate a file transfer job. You can also set up desktop shortcut that can be used to execute ad hoc jobs as needed. Sample batch files assist in setting up Scripting Agent jobs.

Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent Properties


You can also initiate jobs from a browser or desktop icon linked to a Java Web Launch file, which brings up the Diplomat Scripting Agent Interface and allows you to enter the name of the transaction to run.

Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent Web Launch


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