MFT Suite Overview

Basic Edition

Automate secure FTP and PGP encryption in one application.

  • Set up, test and schedule file transfer jobs with an intuitive point-and-click user interface
  • No programming or special skills required
  • Transfer files between any combination of local network, FTP, FTPS and SFTP sites
  • Run ad hoc file transfer jobs with immediate on-screen job status
  • Create, import and export PGP keys and key rings
  • Use OpenPGP to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files
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Standard Edition

Integrate secure file transfers into business processes.

Offers all the features of Basic Edition plus:

  • Monitor folders to trigger file transfer jobs when new files arrive
  • Send job status email including detailed error messages
  • Transfer files to and from email, HTTP, HTTPS and SMB servers
  • Select source files by date, sequence number and other wildcards
  • Initiate Diplomat file transfer jobs using third-party schedulers with Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent
  • Backup, merge and restore file transfer job set-up data
  • Create audit trail job history reports
  • Archive files to primary and additional locations
  • Administer login credentials for single or two-factor authentication
  • Set user privileges, password policies and session expiration limits
  • Use forward proxy server for added security
  • Manage user connections with administrative dashboard
  • Track user activity on screen and in log files
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Enterprise Edition

Provide a single point of control for business-critical secure file transfers.

Offers all the features of Standard Edition plus:

  • Transfer files to and from cloud storage sites:
    • Amazon S3
    • Box
    • Citrix ShareFile
    • Dropbox
    • Google Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Oracle Cloud
  • Transfer files using Diplomat Remote Agent with built-in PGP authentication and encryption
  • Enable checkpoint restart
  • Initiate Diplomat file transfer jobs using Diplomat MFT REST API
  • Monitor scheduled and live file transfer jobs with Diplomat MFT Job Monitor
  • Execute processes before or after a file transfer job, including custom processes and zipping/unzipping files
  • Save source, destination and PGP key settings for use in multiple file transfer jobs
  • Easily merge new file transfer jobs from test systems onto production systems
  • Temporarily suspend or restart scheduling for a file transfer job or group
  • Identify file transfers that are suspended, scheduled or executing with on-screen icons
  • Manage job queue settings
  • Quickly identify unused keys, partners or transactions for faster system clean-up
  • Access Diplomat MFT components without installing locally
  • Capture job history and user activity data in a SQL audit database for compliance and custom reporting
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