MFT Solutions for Businesses

Automating, Securing, and Simplifying Secure File Managed Transfers

Secure File Transfer and Automation Solutions for Businesses & Corporate Level Enterprises

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Automate File Transfer using PGP and SFTP

Intuitive set-up of automated PGP and SFTP.

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Automate OpenPGP Command Line

Diplomat Managed File Transfer software simplifies PGP encryption.

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Centrally Control Managed File Transfer

Manage, monitor and audit enterprise file transfer.

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Comply with Secure File Transfer Mandates

Take 10 steps to secure file transfer compliance.

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Include Cloud Storage in MFT Workflows

Take advantage of low-cost, reliable cloud storage as a modern FTP alternative.

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Manage Secure FTP Transfers

Transition to robust Managed File Transfer software.

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Replace Repliweb with Diplomat MFT

Need a replacement for Repliweb?  Use Diplomat MFT instead to save time and money.

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Automate your Accounting file transfers to Blackline

Diplomat MFT easily automates and secures your accounting file transfers to Blackline.

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Migrating files between Cloud storage vendors

Easily migrate data between cloud storage platforms.

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Automate SFTP transfers with Coupa

Coupa increases business value with solutions for spend management.  Automate and secure file transfers to Coupa using Diplomat MFT.

Anaplan Cloud

Automate Filezilla Transfers

Looking to automate your Filezilla transfers? Diplomat MFT can help.

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Automate your expense file transfers to SAP Concur

Diplomat MFT easily automates and secures your invoice and expense file transfers to SAP Concur.

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Automate file transfers with Ultimate Software

Automate file transfers with Ultimate Software, a leading HCM solution.

Workday Logo

Exchanging files with Workday with SFTP

Workday provides an excellent solution for HR and finance.  Diplomat MFT can automate and secure file transfers to Workday.


Automating transfers with UKG with SFTP and PGP

Diplomat MFT can automate and secure HR file transfers with UKG that require SFTP and PGP.

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Submitting data to Chrome River Automatically and Securely

Law firms love the ease of Diplomat MFT.

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Meet Trading Partner Specifications

Easy-to-implement solution for PGP encryption and secure FTP.

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Automate Netsuite SFTP Transfers

Easily Automate SFTP Transfers with Netsuite

Positive Pay Image

Simplify and Secure Postive Pay

Diplomat MFT can automate and secure your Positive Pay file exchanges with Banks.  Mitigate the risk of check fraud with our simple and effective solution.

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Replace McAfee® / SDS E-Business Server

Replace costly, legacy E-Business Server.

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Automation File Exchanges with Egnyte

Securely transfer files without a server using Egnyte.  Diplomat MFT complements Egnyte with robust and secure automation.

Mainframe Image

Transfer files to and from a Mainframe in Diplomat MFT

Easily integrate with legacy systems such as AS/400 IFS and Libraries.

PipelineRx Logo

Easily integrate files with PipelineRx

Diplomat MFT is fully compatible with PipelineRx. Automate your pharmacy order file transfer processes.

Digital Sign Board

Secure and Automate your Digital Signage Content Delivery

Your digital signage content needs frequent updates. Use Diplomat to easily automate, secure, and audit those updates.

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JPMorgan Managed File Transfer Services

Diplomat MFT simplifies and secures your file exchanges with JPMorgan

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Automate Snowflake Staging in AWS S3

With Diplomat MFT you can easily automates and secures any size file transfers to S3 to stage data loading into Snowflake.

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Citi Connect PGP and SFTP Transfers

Automate, secure, and simplify your SFTP and PGP file transfers to CitiConnect.

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Automate and Simplify SFTP transfers with SPS Commerce

Orders and fulfillment made easier and faster with Diplomat MFT.

Payroll Icon

Payroll Data Transfer Automation using SFTP

Automate and secure your payroll and HR data file transfers with Payroll providers.

JPMorgan Logo

Accounts Receivable Management

Automate your Accounts Receivable Management data exchanges in a secure, compliant fashion.

Verity Solutions Logo

Automate and Secure Your SFTP File Transfers with the CDC

HIPAA/HITECH compliant SFTP file transfers with the CDC using Diplomat MFT.

340B Icon

Automate 340B SFTP file transfers

SFTP file transfers for 340B administration and compliance with Diplomat MFT.

Telpay Logo

Automate your SFTP and PGP transfers with Telpay

Diplomat MFT can automate and secure your financial file exchanges with Telpay.  Decrease risk and cost with Diplomat MFT.

Anaplan Cloud

Automate System Integration with Tangoe

Diplomat MFT effortlessly automates your system integration with Tangoe.

Anaplan Cloud

Automate Anaplan Data Import and Export

Stop wasting time with complex and time-consuming Anaplan Connect scripts.  Use Diplomat MFT instead.

Nest Logo

Automate SFTP Transfers to NEST

Diplomat MFT automates and secures large file transfers to NEST, so that you can meet regulatory requirement with ease.

AS2 Icon

Send files to a Trading Partner using AS2

Transfer files securely and receive signed receipts with AS2.

Enterprise Scheduler Icon

Extend your Enterprise Scheduler with MFT automation

Diplomat MFT extends capabilities of Enterprise Schedulers such as Autosys, Tidal, Dollar Universe, and Control-M.

Wayfair icon

Automate Flat File Transfers with Wayfair

Automate your flat file Transfers with Wayfair.

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Automate WinSCP File Transfers

Easily Automate WinSCP File Transfers with no coding

AbsenceSoft Logo

HR Data Transfers with Absencesoft

Diplomat MFT automates HR data transfers to Absencesoft, ensuring security, compliance, and efficiency.

If your organization is responsible for the safekeeping of sensitive data about your customers, employees, partners, patients, or intellectual property, you need a managed file transfer solution. Diplomat MFT is secure, automated, reliable, and strong enough to handle the file transfer needs of any size organization, including large enterprises.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer Software is trusted by organizations around the world who want to keep sensitive data safe, and comply with regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, SOX, PCI-DSS, GDPR, FACTA, FISMA, PIPEDA, and many more. And Diplomat MFT is designed to integrate easily with your existing infrastructure, and to support the file transfer integrations required by many industries and organizations. We are a specialist managed file transfer software development company with expert Software Developers who are skilled in secure file transfer, PGP Encryption, PGP Automation, Workflow Automation, Cybersecurity. Ultimately, our MFT Software is designed to increase efficiency and reduce business risk.

Do you do business with a large financial institution, government agency, or commercial enterprise that has standardized on a protocol like SFTP? We can do that, and a lot more. Here are just some of the many file transfer automation problems that Diplomat MFT easily solves for our happy customers.