Move Healthcare Data into Google Cloud Healthcare

Google Cloud Healthcare provides a rich set of features to de-identify, manage, analyze, and process healthcare data.  Diplomat MFT makes it easy to upload healthcare data into the Google Cloud Healthcare cloud.

The Process: Healthcare companies generate an enormous amount of data every day.  The data must be stored efficiently, and fed into platforms that can do processing, analysis, and information sharing.

The Problem: There are multiple data formats — such as DICOM, HL7, and FHIR — to deal with.  The massive amount of files must be stored somewhere that is available, reliable and cost-effective.  Data must be treated appropriately for regulations like HIPAA/HITECH, as well as stored according to data retention and security policies.

The Solution: Diplomat MFT easily transfers files to Google Cloud Storage with its Cloud Storage Connector module.  This provides the secure, available, and reliable storage for the healthcare information.  With its simple configuration option in an intuitive user interface, Diplomat MFT can also import the data from Google Cloud Storage into Google Cloud Healthcare, allowing organizations to take advantage of the de-identification, analysis, and processing capabilities of the Google Cloud Healthcare platform.


Configuration Screenshot:

Screenshot of Google Cloud Storage and Healthcare API


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