McAfee® E-Business Server


McAfee® no longer directly supports E-Business Server. If your organization relies on E-Business Server, explore the rich features of Diplomat eBusiness Solution to replace your PGP command line scripts and simplify PGP encryption and file transfer.

Why choose Diplomat eBusiness Solution?

You can quickly deploy a new OpenPGP command line encryption solution by replacing each PGP command with a Diplomat command, which executes an OpenPGP encryption job with many additional steps built in, such as secure file transfer, file renaming, file archiving, audit trail and email notifications.

Full OpenPGP Security

Switching to a Diplomat eBusiness Solution (EBS) requires no software changes for your trading partners. PGP keys imported by Diplomat EBS use the preferred algorithms specified in the original PGP key for full compatibility with existing partners and processes.

You can import your full private and public key rings or import only the PGP keys you need. And, since Diplomat EBS manages your OpenPGP keys, you no longer need a PGP configuration file or a “PGP home” location.

Fast Migration

Diplomat eBusiness Solution can be installed in one central location as a hub to encrypt or decrypt files anywhere on your network. No need to install Diplomat EBS on every server.

Diplomat eBusiness Solution’s intuitive administrator console requires no special skills. Rather than entering detailed parameters into each PGP command, you enter parameters into a Diplomat EBS transaction. When you want to execute the transaction in a batch script, the only parameter needed is the Transaction ID.


The administrator console guides you through the process of designing jobs to:

  • Encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files using OpenPGP keys
  • Transfer files between any combination of internal network, FTP/FTPS/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, email or SMB servers
  • Send email notifications for rapid problem resolution
  • Archive additional copies of encrypted files, plaintext files or both
  • Capture detailed audit data on every file encryption job

Click here for a full tutorial on the 10 simple steps to replace PGP command line tools with Diplomat eBusiness Solution.

Growth Path

Just like McAfee E-Business Server, Diplomat eBusiness Solution is packaged as a full version with unlimited OpenPGP keys or a partner version for organizations with a single trading partner. You can add more OpenPGP keys to the partner version as your needs expand.

Since Diplomat eBusiness Solution is built from Diplomat MFT Standard Edition, it can be easily upgraded to Diplomat Managed File Transfer solutions with expanded features.

Southern States

Southern States needed to replace McAfee E-Business Server for PGP encryption. After the rapid, 3-week migration to Diplomat eBusiness Solution, Southern States now experiences fewer file encryption failures, an 80% reduction in time spent troubleshooting and an improvement in overall security.

Improved Security

Manage Access, Track Activity, Create Audit Trail Reports

Manage Complex File Transfer Environments

Diplomat’s intuitive point-and-click interface makes it easy to schedule file transfer jobs.

Automate Secure File Transfers

Initiate complex file transfer jobs with a single command
using Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent