Replace RepliWeb in Four Easy Steps

Since data analytics software maker Qlik ended support for their popular RepliWeb file synchronization and sharing software earlier this year, we’ve heard from a lot of companies that use and love RepliWeb. But they also recognize that, once a product is no longer supported, it becomes a security and performance liability. Now they are now only looking for a solution to replace RepliWeb, but they are looking for a product they can rely on like they did RepliWeb.

We’re grateful for all the interest we’ve gotten; and we are especially grateful to those organizations that have chosen to put their trust in our Diplomat MFT software platform. We’re confident that you made the right decision and we will do what it takes to make sure you are happy with your decision.

Secure, Reliable MFT Performance

For those organizations still searching for and evaluating your options, you should know that—whatever your decision—replacing RepliWeb as your managed file transfer platform should not be a difficult endeavor. You can get secure, reliable managed file transfer performance, and you can get it up and running quickly and simply. Here are the four easy steps that you’ll need to take to replace RepliWeb:

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Workflows

Before migrating from RepliWeb to any other software, take inventory of the workflows you have in that product and document the associated technical configurations. Then identify and engage the stakeholders who rely on those workflows to ensure the proper transition of functionality to the new system.  Spending time up front ensures a smooth and risk-free migration to a new system.

Step 2: Review MFT Vendors

Having documented workflows and identified stakeholders, begin evaluating solutions that you’re your needs and that can automate those processes, such as file transfers.  You may find, as many organizations already have, that Diplomat MFT is the best value and functionality replacement for RepliWeb.

Step 3: Get A Quote

When comparing different vendors for replacing RepliWeb, be sure to get a quote from the vendor that covers all the different options and modules you’ll need to handle your organization’s secure, managed file transfer needs. Also, be sure to know what your annual renewal price will be, as well as the costs associated with configuring, managing, and supporting the software. If a vendor tries to dazzle you with an array of optional features, make sure they are necessary. The more complex an MFT solution is, the more time, attention, and costs are involved.  Finally, be sure to ask the vendor what the cost of migration from RepliWeb will be (consulting, training, infrastructure changes, etc.), and if they offer a “trade-in” discount to ease the financial burden of the transition.

NOTE: Diplomat MFT offers transparent pricing, and is at least 50% cheaper than other MFT solutions.

Step 4: Implement and Validate

Once you’ve selected a product and vendor, be sure to implement it alongside your existing solution first, migrating one or two workflows to make sure they work as advertised.  Be sure to check for failure conditions like network connection errors, disk errors, and bad passwords, to confirm that your new solution meets your needs. If you are satisfied that your new solution works to your satisfaction, move everything off of RepliWeb and onto Diplomat MFT.

Replace RepliWeb and Rely on Diplomat MFT

Yes, we’re confident that, once you’ve done your homework, you’ll choose Diplomat MFT. That’s because it is the perfect tool to replace RepliWeb. It’s also the top-rated MFT solution according to a study of managed file transfer software users conducted by Software Reviews. Our customers rely on Diplomat MFT to securely and reliably transfer millions of files every day with the highest levels of operational efficiency and security, while supporting compliance programs for privacy and security regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOX and more. Diplomat MFT also comes with best-in class support—all that and it’s still the best value MFT solution on the market.Coviant Software logo

That is why we are convinced, as many others are that Diplomat MFT is a great replacement for RepliWeb. And if you need more proof, you can download a free trial, or schedule a demonstration that will answer your questions and show you how Diplomat MFT will meet your needs. Don’t wait… BOOK NOW!