Let Diplomat MFT be the Star of your Managed File Transfer Show

by | Nov 21, 2022

I just looked at some of the many excellent reviews our Diplomat MFT managed file transfer software platform has gotten recently. Our customers really seem to love Diplomat MFT. Not sure if it’s the ease-of-use, great customer support, or the robust reliability that Diplomat MFT delivers—or a combination of all three—but if Diplomat MFT were a movie, it would get two thumbs-up from Siskel and Ebert. (For the younger readers, that would be Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes.)

Here’s a sample of some of the glowing reviews from customers in industries like healthcare, retail, legal, and manufacturing, to name a few. Fact is, Diplomat MFT is the ideal managed file transfer solution for any industry. Diplomat MFT easily integrates with on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures to send, receive, host, and retrieve their most business-critical files. And at a time when information security and data privacy is a priority, Diplomat MFT can play an integral role in any compliance program.

Easy to Use

  • “If looking for a product that easy to use and zero-stress maintenance, that is want you need.”
  • “Very easy to use; Has all the functions we need; Cost is perfect.”
  • “No need for programming.”
  • Easy to set up connections to anything we needed.”
  • “The options are simple and labeled so anyone can understand how to set up and configure.”
  • Easy to configure.”
  • “I like the simplicity of setup.”
  • “The process from start to finish was very simple.”

Great Customer Support

  • Fast response and willingness to help with any issue.”
  • Great product and great support.”
  • “Their support team is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and issues are fixed quickly.”
  • “I’ve seen support for some of our other applications degrade as the products have been sold off and lost in the shuffle of IT mergers. Coviant Software has the same excellent staff we’ve interacted with for years and they’ve maintained the same great level of service.”
  • Very responsive.”
  • “No other enterprise application we use comes with the same level of support we receive from Coviant Software.”
  • Awesome support team.”

Robust MFT Solution

  • Extremely robust platform for managing our enterprise file transactions.”
  • Works as advertised.”
  • “A powerful workhorse for all of our enterprise file exchange for many years.”
  • Excellent reporting capabilities.”
  • “The Diplomat tool allowed us to automate our data transfer processes.”

Highly Recommended

  • “Diplomat MFT is the only managed file transfer I recommend.”
  • “A very knowledgeable colleague suggested I try [Diplomat MFT] as a lot of his customers are using this software.”

If you want to be the star of the managed file transfer show at your organization, we suggest you audition Diplomat MFT.

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