About Coviant Software

Founded in 2004, Coviant Software delivers Managed File Transfer software that integrates smoothly with business processes, so you can more easily automate and control secure file transfer processes while reducing business risk.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer software is built on industry standards, such as OpenPGP, secure FTP (SFTP and FTPS), SMTP, and SQL, to slip painlessly into your IT infrastructure. And, when technical problems with secure file transfers crop up, Diplomat Managed File Transfer software gives file transfer administrators the tools to resolve them quickly before they become business issues.

Coviant Software solutions improve the productivity of file transfer administrators. With other solutions, file transfer experts must painstakingly program each step in a secure file transfer job using events, triggers, and do loops.  Diplomat Managed File Transfer software uses Intelligent File Transfer™ design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so file transfer experts can quickly design and deploy file transfer jobs. And, better design means fewer errors and less time spent troubleshooting failed transfers.