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About Coviant Software (Proud Developers of Diplomat MFT)

Founded in 2004, privately owned Coviant Software delivers secure managed file transfer (MFT) software that integrates smoothly and easily with business processes, so you can reliably automate and manage the transfer and reception of sensitive and business-critical files, while reducing business risk. 

Why Choose Diplomat MFT?

Better design means fewer errors and less time spent troubleshooting failed transfers. Diplomat MFT from Coviant Software will improve the efficiency and productivity of file transfer administrators, and play an important role in your organization’s data management, security, and compliance programs. That’s because Diplomat MFT can automatically tackle repetitive tasks, as well as vital steps required for all secure file transfers, thus reducing the risk of a security incident by keeping data encrypted, and minimizing the chance of human error. 

With other MFT solutions, file transfer experts must painstakingly program each step involved with a secure file transfer job using events, triggers, and loops.  Diplomat Managed File Transfer software uses Intelligent File Transfer design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so anyone can quickly and intuitively design and execute file transfer tasks. 

And even though Diplomat MFT is inexpensive and easy to use (compared to both competitive products and do-it-yourself solutions), it has the power and scalability required to tackle the needs of even large enterprises. In fact, some of the largest organizations in healthcare, financial services, retail, and manufacturing rely on Diplomat MFT to transfer large files containing sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and high-value intellectual property. 

But don’t take our word for it. Year-after-year, Diplomat MFT is consistently recognized as one of the industry’s best managed file transfer solutions, winning awardsfor MFT, security, and customer service. And our 9.0 is the highest score for customer satisfaction by the independent Software Reviews. But the award we value most are the many customers who choose Coviant Software for their secure managed file transfer needs. Here are just a few of the organizations that trust Diplomat MFT to handle their secure file transfers. 

“Diplomat enabled us to take two time-consuming and inefficient processes – encrypting and setting up file transfers – and make them one single, automated process that supports Allegheny’s business requirements.”

Ryan Andrews

Senior IT Security Analyst, Allegheny Energy

Our People

Coviant Software’s leadership team includes executives with decades in innovation and development of managed file transfer systems and software. Coviant Software executive management is complemented by a team of talented development and  support staff, laser-focused on building the best managed file transfer platform on the market.

Gregory Hoffer: Greg is CEO at Coviant Software, responsible for the product design and software development of the award winning secure file transfer automation platform, Diplomat MFT.

Eric Hall: Eric heads up Coviant Software sales, professional services, and customer support teams. He makes sure our customers have the best possible experience with Diplomat MFT. 

Our Product

Our software platform, Diplomat MFT, is built on industry standards, such as OpenPGP, secure FTP (SFTP and FTPS), SMTP, and SQL, ensuring simple integration into your IT infrastructure, and interoperability with existing technologies and services. Diplomat MFT supports both on-premises deployments, in your private cloud, or in public cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Diplomat MFT also connects easily with popular cloud storage services like AWS S3, Azure Blob, Box, Dropbox, and Citrix Sharefile. 

Diplomat MFT automates all the key elements of the managed file transfer process to make it easy, secure, and foolproof. That includes encrypting files before transfer, scheduling your regular and repetitive tasks, auditing all actions, and confirming successful transfers. And because Diplomat MFT is built with common protocols and standards, it works well within your existing workflow automations to support maximal productivity and efficiency for your organization. And should any technical problems crop up for any reason, Diplomat MFT alerts administrators of the error, informs them of the cause, and provides the tools to resolve problems quickly—before they become business issues.

Check out how Diplomat MFT supports common business processes, services, and solutions like 340B compliance reporting, Blackline, Chrome River, Citi Connect, Coupa, Filezilla, Paycom, PipelineRX, Ultimate Software, SAP Concur, Snowflake Data Cloud, SPS, Workday, and many, many more.

Our Values

We often hear the question, “How can you offer an enterprise-grade managed file transfer platform at a price that is a fraction of what other vendors charge?” 

The fact is, MFT is a mature technology, and we’ve been doing this for a long time. We are experts, and we know what is needed to get the job done, so Coviant Software designed Diplomat MFT to tackle file transfers simply, securely, and reliably—with no unnecessary features. Just an honest product at a fair and ethical price. 

Our focus is on designing, building, delivering, and supporting the best MFT product we can. And because we are independent and privately owned, there are no hidden premiums, and no unnecessary overhead. And as a privately held company, we aren’t beholden to private equity investors to artificially inflate prices. Instead, our software is engineered to solve the issues and challenges associated with file transfer, with no unnecessary bells and whistles. This allows Coviant Software to offer the best possible product at an honest price. You only pay for what you need.

Diplomat MFT is a workhorse product, and we are proud to stand behind it. Coviant Software is laser-focused on making sure you are happy with your investment in our brand, and we are committed to making continuous improvements that make sense for you. We’re so convinced you’ll agree with us that we make Diplomat MFT available for a free 15-day trial because we know once you see how easy, reliable, and secure Diplomat MFT is, you’ll love it. 

{We are using the application to transfer ACH files to the banks. We also really like the ease of implementation and the great support we got from the team at Coviant.
Dennis C. Sr Busines Analyst in US
"Easy to Use with Great Customer Support"
{Ease of use - Efficient - Adapts to different industries - Friendly teamThis software allows me to sleep at night, trusting that all of the files I send with sensitive information will be secure!
Verified Reviewer
"Powerful Program!"
{We're using Diplomat to move PGP encrypted payment files to various banking providers using SFTP. Nice browser interface. Templated workflows to simplify SFTP and PGP automation. Best priced solution for the functionality provided.
John A, Director in UK
"Managed file transfer software at a reasonable price"
{Very easy to use, great customer service, and does everything we need it to do. Everything is as expected. I do not have anything that I dislike about the product.
Kyle M. Systems Administrator in US
"Very easy to use & great customer service"
{Helped consolidate all file transfers using various other tools and automate manual activities into one centralized enterprise MFT. Support has been outstanding with product.
Sr Manager EDI/Encounters in US
5 Stars for Diplomat MFT
{We used Coviant Diplomat to send Secure file transfer to Bank and receive back acknowledgment files. With the help from Software Engineer, the initial set up was rather quick. The stabilization period took a bit of time to work through all the different scenarios. Overall, it is a quality and cost-effective option for our purpose.
Sr. Manager, SAP/ERP Applications in Canada
"Cost effective option to automate Secure file transfer"
{Coviant does a great job supporting their product. That is increasingly rare these days. Of all of the products we use in our enterprise Diplomat is one we can get immediate support for in the event that we have any questions or issues.
Scott J. Sr Engineer, Applications in US
"Excellent Customer Support & Responsiveness"
{Coviant does a great job supporting their product. That is increasingly rare these days. Of all of the products we use in our enterprise Diplomat is one we can get immediate support for in the event that we have any questions or issues.
Sr Engineer, Applications in US
"Excellent customer support & responsiveness"
{Kicked the tires with the trial version. Liked what I saw. Liked that Coviant was there every step of the way to answer questions. Customer Support is handled by the company, not outsourced.
Principal in US
"Strong Feature Set, Great Value"
{Our client didn't want to be in the position of having unsupported software for too long and it's almost been six months since RepliWeb's End of Life and end of support for that software. We had a great experience from the first initial call. It was refreshing to deal with a team that were honest but confident in their solution. They always had time to answer our questions and would update us about the development of v9.1.
Sean Mullins, Director
"Ideal RepliWeb MFT Replacement"


Coviant Software FAQs

What are the benefits of dealing with a specialist MFT Software Company?

A purpose-built secure MFT platform, built, sold, and supported by a reputable vendor, is engineered to be an integral part of an organization’s data management and security program. Consumer-grade products and do-it-yourself solutions aren’t secure or scalable, and are prone to human error. Diplomat MFT includes automation, PGP encryption, integrates with on-premises and cloud infrastructure, supports all relevant protocols, and documents all actions taken to ensure compliance with audit requirements.  

How long has Coviant Software been in business?

Coviant Software has been designing, delivering, and supporting excellent managed file transfer platforms since 2004.


Where is Coviant Software located?

Formerly based in Waltham, MA Coviant Software is now a Texas-based C-corporation with its HQ and critical mass located in San Antonio, but we operate as a virtual company, selling and supporting our secure managed file transfer products to enterprises around the world.


Does Coviant Software offer customer support and a professional service?

Coviant Software is proud to stand by our suite of Diplomat MFT secure managed file transfer platforms with excellent customer support and professional services options that include an online support portal and 24/7 availability. Our customers around the world count on Diplomat MFT to securely and reliably send and receive millions of files every day.