Diplomat MFT SFTP Server

SFTP Server Benefits

What is an SFTP Server and Why do You Need One?

An SFTP Server is software that you deploy in an Internet-facing location so that you can host or receive files for secure file exchanges with your clients, customers, suppliers, and other business partners.  External entities connect to your server using any standard SFTP client, using strong authentication and the highest levels of security.  SFTP is the best choice for file exchanges because it supports the highest levels of security for one- or two-factor authentication, data encryption, and integrity verification.  SFTP is also a universal protocol, available on any platform from Windows, Linux, and MacOS to mainframes, IoT, and cloud storage providers.  Furthermore, SFTP is a firewall-friendly protocol, requiring only one hole in the firewall to support all file transfer operations (no more headaches with FTP port ranges!).

SFTP Server Diagram

An SFTP server provides assurances that an organization’s file exchanges with external parties will be handled  securely across any netwrok  by using the strongest cryptography available to prevent – interception or manipulation by malicious actors via man-in-the-middle attacks.

Coviant Software offers an SFTP server option as a part of the Diplomat MFT family of products. Our SFTP server provides out-of-the-box no-code file transfer process automation, PGP encryption, compression operations, enterprise-grade scalability to support organizations of any size with secure file transfers of any volume, and web-based administration with an easy to navigate user interface.

When combined with our Coviant Software Edge Gateway, the SFTP Server  can remain in your secure back-end network, with the Edge Gateway securely brokering SFTP traffic from your DMZ to the back-end network without requiring any inbound holes in your back-end firewall.  This ensures that no data remains in the DMZ, and all authentication and access control is securely managed by your back-end systems. This defense-in-depth approach significantly increases your company’s security posture.

Furthermore, when combined with the award-winning no-code Diplomat MFT automation platform, the files exchanged with our Diplomat SFTP Server can be automatically PGP encrypted or decrypted; ZIP compressed or decompressed; and/or transferred to the internal or cloud storage systems where they need to go for integration or consumption.  The entire process for file exchanges — send, receive, host, and retrieve — are handled by the Diplomat MFT platform with visibility, management, auditing, and alerting built in.

An SFTP server supports information security and data privacy compliance programs such as HIPAA / HITECH, SOX, GLBA, GDPR, DPA, and PCI-DSS, as well as business-to-business file transfers requiring compliance with organizational standards.


A Changing Industry Landscape

Recent mergers and acquisitions have reduced choice, increased costs, and decreased support for secure, managed file transfer systems. Yet, while other vendors exit the market, Coviant Software has increased its commitment to you with new products and updated features. And we don’t nickel-and-dime you with hidden costs. Our price is low and we don’t charge extra for modules, product bundles, or usage tolling.

Data security is a top priority

Diplomat MFT helps keep your most sensitive files secure with built-in encryption and process automation that minimizes the risk of human error. And we complement your security and privacy compliance programs with full auditability. If you are looking for a managed file transfer platform, or need a change from your current platform, take a look at Coviant Software.

The Most Robust Enterprise MFT Solution

Coviant Software’s Diplomat MFT SFTP Server is an enterprise-grade SFTP server designed to meet the needs of organizations of any size with minimal customization and with a simple, intuitive interface.
For less than $9,000—less than half the cost of competitive products—organizations can get a full-featured, robust, and secure enterprise MFT solution with all components needed to manage your most sensitive files, including gateway, SFTP server, and process automation. Diplomat MFT integrates in minutes and boasts a simple user interface, as well as workflow templates to streamline the onboarding of your trading partners.

Not Sure Which Edition You Need?

Let us help you match the perfect solution to your specific business requirements.

SFTP Server Features

Out of the Box Automation
SFTP and PGP encryption

Security enabled through SFTP and PGP encryption.

Web-Based Administration
Our simple to use, web-based administration interface makes this product easy to operate. Supports all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
Fully Scalable
Scalable to support organizations of any size.

Technical Specifications

Components & Platforms

• Windows Server 2012 R2 through 2022
• Linux (glibc 2.5 or higher)

• Any system supporting Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 or higher

• Windows 10
• Windows Server 2008 R2 through 2022
• Linux (glibc 2.5 or higher)

• Chrome
• Firefox
• Edge
• Safari

File Transfer Protocols
  • SFTP
OpenPGP Encryption


  • AES (up to 256-bit keys)
  • Blowfish (up to 448-bit keys)
  • CAST5
  • DES (56-bit keys)1
  • IDEA (128-bit keys)1
  • Safer (128-bit keys)1
  • Triple DES (56-bit keys)
  • Twofish (up to 256-bit keys)1


  • DSA (1024-bit key only)
  • El Gamal (up to 4096-bit keys)
  • RSA (up to 4096-bit keys)


  • MD21, MD5
  • RIPEMD-160
  • SHA-512, SHA-384, SHA-256, SHA-224, SHA-1

1 Only supports decrypting existing messages encrypted with algorithm or encrypting to existing keys specifying algorithm as preferred cipher.

OpenPGP Interoperability
  • McAfee® E-business Server v8.0 or later
  • Symantec® PGP Command Line v9.0 or later
  • Any other OpenPGP-compliant product

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Explore our most popular Diplomat MFT editions for the most advanced features and control of any managed file transfer solution.

{We are using the application to transfer ACH files to the banks. We also really like the ease of implementation and the great support we got from the team at Coviant.
Dennis C. Sr Busines Analyst in US
"Easy to Use with Great Customer Support"
{Ease of use - Efficient - Adapts to different industries - Friendly teamThis software allows me to sleep at night, trusting that all of the files I send with sensitive information will be secure!
Verified Reviewer
"Powerful Program!"
{We're using Diplomat to move PGP encrypted payment files to various banking providers using SFTP. Nice browser interface. Templated workflows to simplify SFTP and PGP automation. Best priced solution for the functionality provided.
John A, Director in UK
"Managed file transfer software at a reasonable price"
{Very easy to use, great customer service, and does everything we need it to do. Everything is as expected. I do not have anything that I dislike about the product.
Kyle M. Systems Administrator in US
"Very easy to use & great customer service"
{Helped consolidate all file transfers using various other tools and automate manual activities into one centralized enterprise MFT. Support has been outstanding with product.
Sr Manager EDI/Encounters in US
5 Stars for Diplomat MFT
{We used Coviant Diplomat to send Secure file transfer to Bank and receive back acknowledgment files. With the help from Software Engineer, the initial set up was rather quick. The stabilization period took a bit of time to work through all the different scenarios. Overall, it is a quality and cost-effective option for our purpose.
Sr. Manager, SAP/ERP Applications in Canada
"Cost effective option to automate Secure file transfer"
{Coviant does a great job supporting their product. That is increasingly rare these days. Of all of the products we use in our enterprise Diplomat is one we can get immediate support for in the event that we have any questions or issues.
Scott J. Sr Engineer, Applications in US
"Excellent Customer Support & Responsiveness"
{Coviant does a great job supporting their product. That is increasingly rare these days. Of all of the products we use in our enterprise Diplomat is one we can get immediate support for in the event that we have any questions or issues.
Sr Engineer, Applications in US
"Excellent customer support & responsiveness"
{Kicked the tires with the trial version. Liked what I saw. Liked that Coviant was there every step of the way to answer questions. Customer Support is handled by the company, not outsourced.
Principal in US
"Strong Feature Set, Great Value"
{Our client didn't want to be in the position of having unsupported software for too long and it's almost been six months since RepliWeb's End of Life and end of support for that software. We had a great experience from the first initial call. It was refreshing to deal with a team that were honest but confident in their solution. They always had time to answer our questions and would update us about the development of v9.1.
Sean Mullins, Director
"Ideal RepliWeb MFT Replacement"


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