Start the New Year Right with Coviant Software

by | Jan 9, 2023

We here at Coviant Software are proud of the products we build and maintain for our customers. We are proud that we can go toe-to-toe with any of our competitors—including products costing ten times the price of Diplomat MFT—and not only hold our own, but also come out on top. That’s an important factor in achieving success in data management and protection business. Enterprises responsible for the secure storage and transfer of large amounts of sensitive information need to know that the products they invest in are capable of handling data volumes at scale.

Less appreciated is how a high-quality level of support is needed once a product is acquired and integrated into the customer’s IT estate. No enterprise-grade technology is a “set it and forget it” proposition. There will always be questions particular to the needs of an industry and the various regulations that apply to data security and privacy; the needs of an individual organization whose approach to data management and security differ from other, even similar enterprises; and the unexpected needs of every customer as they manage their IT operations in a dynamic technology environment.

Creating Business Value

Award Winning MFT SoftwareWhen questions arise, or when things go awry, there is tremendous comfort in knowing that the vendors in whom you have invested your trust have your back. And in this regard, Coviant Software is proud to have been recognized as head-and-shoulders above the rest. Our “Champion” status with the independent SoftwareReviews as the top managed file transfer solution. Diplomat MFT’s score of 9.0 was tops among all other vendors, while also earning superlatives in vital categories like Business Value Created, Ease of Implementation, and Ease of Administration.

Based on customer feedback, we were also determined to deliver top performance in key features like Transport Security, Authentication, Data Fidelity, and Multi-Platform Support. These are all essential areas of delivering a secure and reliable customer experience. Our customers can’t take chances with the security of their data and the compliance of their processes, and so we invest in making sure we exceed their expectations. And as market conditions evolve, we remain on top of the changes to ensure we continue to meet needs. For example:

As the number of available managed file transfer vendor options shrank in recent years thanks to mergers and acquisitions of players like JScape, Globalscape, GoAnywhere, and Ipswitch, Coviant Software responded by adding new products and capabilities, including an SFTP server, to our own award-winning product portfolio. And we did it while maintaining our commitment to transparent, ethical pricing.

And when Qlik shuttered its popular Repliweb product line a year ago, we responded by developing and releasing Diplomat MFT v9.1 because a lot of organizations we talked to said they needed to not only replace Repliweb as a file transfer solution, but wanted to maintain its data replication and file synchronization capabilities. As a result, while our market contracts and as our competitors raise prices, Coviant Software supports an expanding range of capabilities.

Start the New Year Right

With the start of a new year, we can say with confidence that whatever changes are in store in our industry, and whatever regulatory changes may occur, Coviant Software remains committed to maintaining the same level of product and customer service excellence our customers have come to expect.

If you are looking for a partner in the development and maintenance of an effective data management, security, and compliance program and want to see what Coviant Software offers, we’re standing by to answer your questions and conduct a demonstration of Diplomat MFT’s capabilities. Request a demonstration today.