Automating and Securing HR Data Transfers to AbsenceSoft

by | Sep 12, 2022

One of the many things I love about my job is hearing from our customers how Diplomat MFT helped them solve a data management and compliance problem. Turns out there are a lot more ways secure, managed file transfer can help organizations interact with customers and trading partners than simply encrypting and sending sensitive files from Point A to Point B. We have customers that use Diplomat MFT to support applications like Concur, Backline, and WorkDay; vendor specific standards like Citiconnect, JP Morgan, and Wayfair; and compliance with regulations and programs like Medicaid’s 340B prescription drug pricing program, CDC program data transfers, and to support compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and more.

Just the other day a customer called to thank us for helping them with a new (to us) challenge involving employee leave management. It turns out that managing employee leave under the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be a complex endeavor, and if you don’t follow the rules closely, it can be a risky endeavor, too.

Complex Regulations are Risky

According to the National Law Review, lawsuits filed for employer violations of FMLA have more than tripled over the last decade because of the “unique challenges the FMLA presents for employers.” As with any major piece of federal legislation relating to the workplace, it’s difficult to navigate some regulations without a lot of help. Often regulations will change, and if you aren’t aware of those changes, or if you misinterpret them, many businesses may unintentionally violate the law. That is unfortunate, but as you might expect, where there is a challenge, there is opportunity.

AbsenceSoft offers software products to help companies navigate workplace compliance for things like FMLA, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), worker’s compensation, and more. Our customer uses Diplomat MFT to manage the sharing of sensitive HR documents with AbsenceSoft and to help them navigate the complicated FMLA leave management compliance process.

Built to Secure and Automate

Since Diplomat MFT was built to secure and automate the transfer of files containing private or regulated data, our customer realized it was the ideal solution to integrate with the file sharing processes they needed for FMLA compliance through AbsenceSoft. Given the sensitivity and specific needs for maintaining FMLA compliance, Diplomat MFT can automate the fetching and transfer of times to minimize the risk of human error while saving the time it would take to accomplish the task manually.

Diplomat MFT automatically encrypts the files it sends, and also uses SFTP to secure data associated with the transmission of those files. In addition to strong security, Diplomat MFT includes a robust scheduling feature; status notifications through text, email, Slack, or other preferred channel; and data capture for auditability. And because Diplomat MFT comes in Basic, Standard, and Enterprise editions, it can handle your data transfer needs at whatever scale your organization requires, at an ethical price that makes sense.

Diplomat MFT is the ideal solution for automating and securing sensitive HR file transfers to Absencesoft, and a host of other data transfer applications. If you want to see how Diplomat MFT can increase your operational efficiencies, reduce security risks, and support information security and compliance programs, you can download a free trial version, or contact us for more information and a no obligation demonstration.

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