A pandemic proves automation critical to organization health

by | Mar 24, 2020

The coronavirus COVID-19 has landed, creating impacts felt across whole world. It’s led to empty offices and overloaded VPNs. Distracted staff try to work remotely despite bored children and barking dogs. But no matter the cause or scope of the crisis, we still have work to do. That’s why automation is so critical to the health of your organization.

What happens when IT staff are overtaxed in a crisis? Are homegrown batch files and scripts going to be good enough? Are you certain you’ll even know if something goes wrong? Let’s take a look at the following:

  1. What’s the problem, and how did we get here?
  2. What’s stopping us from doing better?
  3. How we can solve the problem permanently?
  4. How can I trust the solution?

The Problem

Despite the best of intentions, this pandemic has shone a light in some dark corners. Staff can’t always be there to babysit when a batch file fails. Fragile scripts and finicky software may seem “good enough” when everything’s normal, and you can accept that you need to prop them up or give them a little TLC on occasion.

Are you notified when that batch script fails due to an unexpected problem you’ve never seen before? Do you get meaningful descriptions of the problem? When that old FTP client hangs, do you have visibility into job status, frequency, history, and results? Are you confident that your secure file transfers were even attempted, much less completed successfully? Can you prove it?

The answer is almost always no. How many failures are acceptable, how many delays? Really, how much money can you stand to lose? As it turns out, reliable automation really is critical to the health of an organization.

The Stumbling Block

You make the biggest compromises when life is normal. In good times, it’s easy to make a tactical decision to just write a batch file. It’s “good enough” when operational efficiency takes a back seat to clearing your inbox. And most people assume any good options are prohibitively expensive, so it’s OK to skip it.

But when the going gets tough, seemingly simple stuff fails. Oops, the app wasn’t able to connect, and nobody knew. The script some former team member wrote isn’t working. Someone forgot to launch that other process. So it gets lost in the shuffle. We need something better. Triage is a verb. Take action.

The Solution

Diplomat is a mature, polished, and reliable platform. Businesses large and small have relied on us to orchestrate their important file encryption and transfer processes for more than 16 years. You can see exactly what’s happening now. Take a look at what happened before. Easily generate a PDF report showing exactly what happened. Stay out of the hot seat.

At Coviant, we understand how critical it is to establish unattended operations that are reliable and well-designed. We have customers across every sector. They rely on Diplomat MFT for workload automation central to their business. No matter the size of the organization, no matter the field, we must transact their data on time, every time. Ten thousand jobs? No problem.

Why It Works

Cyber Security Excellence Awards

At Coviant, our key personnel have been eating, sleeping, and breathing MFT since long before MFT was a term. We’ve seen those errors. Diplomat can handle those exceptions. Our customers rely on us for a reason.

Every edition of Diplomat is affordable, fast to deploy, easy to learn, and simple to manage. We take the complexity out of it. We reduce both the risk and impact of problems. We empower you to establish the highest levels of visibility, security, and compliance. And we give you the best value for orchestrating file encryption and transfers from anywhere to anywhere, across any OS, in the cloud or on-premises.

And with Diplomat you’re not on your own. Coviant offers very reasonably priced expert guidance and assistance on everything from initial installation and setup for new customers to Health Assessments and migration assistance for our many long-time existing customers. Plus, we can help with service hours allotments to help ease the burden on IT staff. Similarly, you can get training, too. Diplomat is so straightforward that after setting up a few processes, most can pick it up and run with it on their own.

Let us show you how much better it can be.