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by | Nov 15, 2021

At Coviant Software we are proud of the industry awards we’ve won over the years. Whether it is gold medal recognition from the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, or earning top honors for IT automation and cybersecurity from Cyber Defense Magazine, superlatives from the industry are an honor and affirmation of the hard work we’ve invested to deliver the best secure, managed file transfer platform around.

But the awards we’re most proud of are the compliments we hear from our customers when they sing our praises. There’s nothing like receiving positive feedback from a large healthcare services provider who uses Diplomat MFT to automate the secure transfer of sensitive medical documents in compliance with HIPAA-HITECH regulations; or to get a note of appreciation from a major retailer who uses Diplomat MFT to reliably streamline the transfer of critical transactional files; or hearing “thank you” after a customer calls with a question, and you’re able to help them quickly solve a data management problem.

Coviant Diplomat MFT Ranks #1Putting Numbers to the Feedback
Positive customer feedback is gratefully received, but it can be difficult to quantify. We are dedicated to providing what we believe is a radical level of customer service, and we will gladly answer the bell any time someone wants to compare Diplomat MFT with any other managed file transfer platform out there. We are confident we will win on features and performance, and we know we can’t be beat on price.

That’s why SoftwareReviews’ announcement of the Best Managed File Transfer Software of 2021 means so much to us. It not only puts a number beside the positive sentiments (we’re engineers; we love numbers), but it ranks us with the competition. That’s us at the top of the Champions grid. And as you can see, we stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Not gonna lie… it’s great to see Coviant Software there.

Coviant Diplomat MFT Tops The Charts

And make no mistake. Even though they call us “mid-market,” the criteria are the same across the board, so we’d be at the top of the enterprise MFT grid as well, with scores above all those other players. Fact is, Coviant Software counts many large enterprises among our roster of happy customers. The only meaningful difference between our software and theirs is the cost. As we like to point out, we deliver large enterprise performance at SMB prices.

The Process Behind the Score
The SoftwareReviews Buyer Scorecard process solicits detailed information from users who have purchased or who use the products reviewed, and delves into areas such as performance, usage, features, value, and customer service. Responses are vetted to guard against manipulation. Responses are tabulated and reflected in terms of Customer Experience, Emotional Footprint, and Likeliness to Recommend, as well as a composite score.

Diplomat MFT earned a composite score of 9.0, which is highest among all products reviewed. That means a lot to us since it shows that our customers love what we do and that they love how we stand by our products after the sale to make sure they are getting the most out of their investment.

There are a lot of excellent MFT platforms available, and many of them are offered by some of the biggest names in technology, so the competition is stiff. We think keeping a focus on the task of transferring files reliably and securely between destinations is what gives us the edge. Coviant Software has offered managed file transfer software for nearly twenty years and in that time we’ve earned a lot of expertise in that vital discipline.

Join the Ranks
We know what is essential to getting the job done and we make it easy for our users. There’s no unnecessary opulence to Diplomat MFT. Our standard feature set is the result of the sum of our experience with customers, with just enough customization to meet needs, not complicate what should be a simple process.

If you’re looking for a managed file transfer platform that is secure, automated, and reliable—and that thousands of other users love—we’d be honored to have you join the ranks of enthusiastic Coviant Software customers. You can try Diplomat MFT for free on a trial basis. Just fill out the form below to start the process.

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