New REST API in Diplomat Managed File Transfer v6.2

by | Aug 24, 2016

Diplomat Managed File Transfer v6.2 delivers a REST API for enhanced integration with business processes.

Coviant Software releases Diplomat Managed File Transfer v6.2 for enhanced integration capabilities.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer REST API enables other applications to manage and monitor file transfer jobs run by Diplomat MFT, including such tasks as:

  • Initiating file transfer jobs
  • Cancelling or terminating file transfer jobs
  • Obtaining buffers and tailored views of job log entries
  • Requesting job status
  • Obtaining job summaries for the most recently run jobs
  • Reviewing specified job history records


This newest release also delivers higher levels of security and features to help file transfer professionals be more efficient including:

  • Updates for Java, Tomcat web server and PGP encryption to the latest releases for enhanced security
  • Improved performance of audit trail reporting and job monitoring
  • Support for monitoring folders for new files to be processed

“The new API expands Diplomat Managed File Transfer’s ability to more fully integrate with other business processes.  We are looking forward to working with several of our largest customers to integrate Diplomat more closely with their core applications.” says Pam Reid, CEO at Coviant Software.

About Coviant Software

Coviant Software has been a trusted provider of secure file transfer and OpenPGP encryption solutions for over 10 years.  Coviant Software delivers Managed File Transfer solutions to improve the productivity of file transfer administrators. Diplomat Managed File Transfer software uses Intelligent File Transfer(TM) design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so file transfer experts can quickly design and deploy file transfer jobs with fewer errors and failed transfers.