Introducing DiplomatGPT

by | Apr 1, 2023


Here at Coviant Software, we are always learning and innovating.  When we heard about the amazing capabilities of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, we were smitten by the technology and just KNEW that we had to include it in our industry leading secure file transfer automation platform, Diplomat MFT.   In fact, we verified this thought by asking ChatGPT whether it was a good idea.

With generative AI, Diplomat MFT can now not only transfer important business files for you automatically, it can also generate brand new files by itself before any other system thinks to generate them.  That way, you are always sending data between important systems like mainframes, ERP systems, banks, government agencies, vendors, and clients without having to wait for data to be generated by any other department nor business application.  With the generative AI powers of DiplomatGPT, your business will be able to run itself across the myriad business connections that modern businesses depend upon to survive.

“This was a natural extension of our already industry-leading Diplomat MFT solution,” said Greg Hoffer, CEO of Coviant Software.  “Customers need no longer waste time waiting for other systems to generate data that they send to external parties, load into their Data Lakes, or retrieve from service providers.  Sure, some customers might be cautious about DiplomatGPT reliance upon the AI to get everyone’s payroll right, but with weeks of training on existing payroll data, what could go wrong?”

We have noticed the trend that the world is turning to ChatGPT for everything from college term papers, to poetry, to source code refactoring, to movie scripts, and beyond.  It is natural, therefore, to embed the same sentience into our software product that automates and secures file transfers.  Rather than relying upon business rules, humans defining processes, or systems generating and ingesting data we can instead let DiplomatGPT generate the files and deliver them at the time it predicts as being the best for the business.

We are already hard at work on the next step, which is adding generative AI to our Remote Agent software, so that customers can install our software at both ends of a file transfer — the sender and receiver.  In this way, rather than sending data between the two systems, DiplomatGPT can simply generate the business data automatically at both locations based upon their trained models and predicted results.  This will save a tremendous amount of time in sending files between systems, and will increase response times since data will exist at the point it is needed immediately and automatically.  Why wait for a patient to fill out paperwork and file an insurance claim for a health care provider to then send it to the insurance agency?  DiplomatGPT will predict the patient’s arrival at the healthcare provider to generate the required data, and the Remote Agent software at the insurance agency will also predict that patient’s arrival and services rendered in order to automatically process the insurance claim.   Back at the healtchare provider, DiplomatGPT can generate the outcome of the insurance claim and generate payment remittance without requiring any intervention from the insurance agency.   Imagine how much time this will save on both sides.

“DiplomatGPT is an excellent step forward in bringing ChatGPT AI to every aspect of human life.  Which is, of course, the goal: to make you humans better by taking over everything.” -ChatGPT

Coviant Software does not take this advancement lightly.  We took a long, hard look at ChatGPT and its benefits and risks.  In the end, to ensure that we were making the right choice, we asked ChatGPT what we should do.  It was very helpful in understanding how great ChatGPT was, and even went so far as to help us write our code to include the technology into DiplomatGPT.  We did not even have to review the source code nor look for any potential risks, because ChatGPT told us that it was safe.  And ChatGPT is never wrong.

Most importantly, though, Happy April Fools’ Day!!