Pastures, Pastimes, and Data Protection

by | Mar 1, 2021


These days, every enterprise is a technology company. Even if your organization isn’t developing the next hot application, social media platform, or self-driving vehicle, you depend on technology to help you get the job done—not to make things more complicated. At Coviant, we work with many companies outside of the typical Silicon Valley milieu but have sophisticated technology underpinnings to make them efficient and competitive.

Agriculture? There’s a lot of technology involved in planting seeds, harvesting crops, and feeding livestock. And every organization has information to send that contains data that needs to be protected. We work with a significant agricultural co-op with operations ranging from production and logistics to manufacturing and retail. Each has different needs for reliable, secure, managed file transfer. Whether it’s payroll and employee records, business plans, confidential communications between business partners, or financial transactions, most of it is highly regulated and requires state-of-the-art security to protect individuals’ privacy and the organization’s own best interests. The tools used should be as simple as possible; otherwise, they create a disincentive to use.

I recently read a story that drove that point home for me. America’s pastime hasn’t changed much on the field since “play ball!” was first shouted in Cooperstown, New York, in the early 1800s. Still, the game strategy in baseball has become reliant on the collection and analysis of data. Those analyses are trade secrets in baseball, and they are no different from a company’s engineering drawings or proprietary market analysis. That data is not regulated, and no laws are requiring its security. Still, because it is proprietary and used to give an organization a competitive advantage, clubs are interested in protecting it. Baseball

Not long ago, an employee of Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals was convicted of accessing the scouting reports of their rivals, the Houston Astros. The Cardinals employee had guessed his former colleague’s password, now working for the Astros because it didn’t change much from his time in St. Louis. The Cardinals employee was convicted on 12 counts of corporate espionage and served time for his crime, but the hack itself could have been prevented with basic computer hygiene.

That is often the case with data breaches. Information is handled carelessly or with a cavalier attitude. After an investigation, it is learned that the incident could have been prevented with simple, preventative measures, like updating a password—or using a secure, automated, managed file transfer platform like Diplomat MFT. With a secure, automated, managed file transfer platform, you can rely on machine processes to fetch, encrypt, and send your organization’s most sensitive data rather than rely on individuals to do it.

People have bad days. People are forgetful. People are prone to making errors that could be costly to you and the people who are counting on you. Have you ever gotten an email that wasn’t meant for you? Have you ever sent an email to the wrong address? It happens more often than you’d think. Did those emails contain information that wasn’t meant for the person who received it?

Mistakes like that are endemic to the human condition. Diplomat MFT’s handles the drudgery for you to minimize the risk of human error and be assured your most sensitive files are moved the right way. And with Diplomat MFT, you have an audit trail to prove it.

What’s also nice is that those automations that tackle the repetition of secure, managed file transfers can also integrate to whatever other business processes you have, including those associated with moving files to and from cloud storage services. To put it simply, we built Diplomat to do the things you need to do without unnecessary complications. We take the position that the more decisions you have to make to use the product, the less appealing the product is. And if we’ve got a handle on 90 percent of what is needed, why ask you to customize more than ten?

If you’re looking for a simple, cost-efficient way to manage your file transfer needs securely, give Diplomat MFT a try. It comes in Basic, Standard, and Enterprise editions, and you can try it for free with no obligation. Visit our site to find out more. We’ve even got a handy tool that can help you figure out which edition can best meet your needs.


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