The Arizona Coyotes Fall Victim to Human Error

by | Dec 20, 2021

We talk a lot about how robotic process automation (RPA) can be a useful tool for supporting the execution of common and repetitive tasks for organizations of any size. Software products that feature RPA or similar functionality are common in many administrative tools and applications. Automation is integral to our Diplomat MFT family of secure, managed file transfer platforms. Many tasks common to the use of managed file transfer are recurring and time sensitive, and so it helps to know that you can “set it and forget it” on the delivery of files associated with things like payroll, financial transactions, insurance claims, or any number of other operations where data must be delivered reliably and on time.

And so, when we heard about a major professional sports franchise that was threatened with eviction from its home arena for failure to pay fees and taxes, we took notice. What happened and how did it happen?

Unfortunate Human Error

Briefly, the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes hockey team was recently threatened with a lockout of the Gila River Arena—the Coyotes’ home ice—by the City of Glendale. City officials said the franchise owed $1.3 million in taxes and fees to city and to the firm that manages the arena for the city, which owns the complex. The total included unpaid taxes and fees from the current and previous year, and that if the money wasn’t paid by December 20, players, coaches, and management would be barred from access to the team’s facilities in the arena.

When the news became public the Coyotes issued a statement saying that they investigated the matter and found that the failure to make their required payments was “the result of an unfortunate human error.”

After promising to make payment in full (which they did the next day), Coyotes management then said they would “take immediate steps to ensure that nothing like this can ever possibly happen again.”

We know one way they could reliably keep that commitment.

Managed File Transfer to the Rescue

Diplomat MFT can be a useful tool for automating the secure, scheduled transfer of payments between organizations. Whether it is deployed by an organization like the Coyotes, by the City of Glendale, or by a financial services intermediary, Diplomat MFT can be used to reliably make sure the transaction takes place on time. And with handy notifications, those responsible for making the payments can receive confirmation that the transaction took place or, if something went wrong, alerted to the fact so that the error can be rectified.

Of course, once Diplomat MFT was on the job the Coyotes would also find that it useful for many other tasks vital to running a professional sports franchise. Need to deliver legal documents during negotiations with a key free agent? Diplomat MFT can do that. Manage payroll transfers for players, staff, and management? Diplomat MFT can do that. Handle the delivery of sensitive medical files? Diplomat MFT can do that, and many other routine file transfers, too.

Don’t be Like the Coyotes

The Coyotes situation is not unique. In fact, it is common for administrative oversights to result in embarrassing situations. That is because people in organizations big and small make mistakes. We’re here to help minimize the risk of those common errors by offering a secure, reliable means of tackling vital processes that all organizations need to manage in order to be successful at their mission.

Even though the Coyotes are struggling on the ice, they can have an efficient operation in the front office with smart investments in the right tools. You can, too. Try Diplomat MFT for free and see how easy it is to use.

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