Basic Edition

Includes the following features:

  • No programming or special skills required
  • Automate secure file transfer and PGP encryption
  • Transfer files between local network, FTP, FTPS and SFTP sites
  • Encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files using OpenPGP keys
  • Schedule secure file transfer jobs without batch scripts

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Standard Edition

Includes Basic Edition features plus:

  • Monitor folders to trigger file transfer jobs when new files arrive
  • Send email notifications for rapid problem resolution
  • Run secure file transfer jobs from a batch script or other process
  • Transfer files using email, HTTP, HTTPS and SMB servers
  • Create audit trail job history reports

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Enterprise Edition

Includes Standard Edition features plus:

  • Transfer files to and from public and private cloud sites
  • Monitor scheduled and live file transfer jobs
  • Suspend and restart scheduling of secure file transfer jobs as needed
  • Initiate external processes during a secure file transfer job
  • Integrate secure file transfer audit data into corporate SQL databases
  • Add AS2 transfers for digitally signed receipt of delivery

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