Diplomat Managed File Transfer Pricing

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Basic Edition

Support and Maintenance Included

Includes the following features:

No programming or special skills required

Automate secure file transfer and PGP encryption

Transfer files between local network, FTP, FTPS and SFTP sites

Encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files using OpenPGP keys

Schedule secure file transfer jobs without batch scripts

Standard Edition

Support and Maintenance Included

Includes Basic features plus:

Unlimited defined transactions

Watch hot folders to trigger file transfer jobs when new files arrive

Notifications via email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams for rapid problem resolution

Run secure file transfer jobs from a batch script or other process

Transfer files using email, HTTP, HTTPS and SMB servers

Create audit trail job history reports

Expandable key ring slots

Add-ons available


Enterprise Edition

Support and Maintenance Included
24×7 Critical Incident Response

Includes Standard features plus:

Unlimited key ring, concurrent admins, Remote Agents, and Job Monitors

Transfer files to and from public and private cloud sites and cloud storage providers

Monitor live file transfer job status and review recent history

Invoke external processes, un/zip, and call other jobs as part of a transaction

Promote and migrate transactions from dev and test to production and other instances

Centrally manage endpoints including keys

Suspend and restart scheduling of secure file transfer jobs as needed

Integrate secure file transfer audit data into corporate SQL databases

Add AS2 transfers for digitally signed receipt of delivery

24×7 critical incident response available


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