Diplomat MFT is the Craft Beer of Managed File Transfer

by | Feb 7, 2022

Data Management & Security: Managing Brewery Data Securely with MFT Tools & Software

In this walk down Main Street, we’re visiting the local brewpub. Brewpubs have become a Main Street fixture in many cities and towns around the country. San Antonio boasts a number of craft breweries and brewpubs with excellent reputations. Alamo Beer Company, Blue Star Brewing, and Guadalupe Brewing are just a few of the many operations here turning out traditional and innovative beers intended to beat the southwest Texas heat, or complement the full variety of our local cuisine. Each brewery takes pride in their particular brand, and each has attracted a loyal following. Many have even become closely associated with the neighborhoods where they’ve put down roots, adding to the color and character of our great city.

Though not a beer drinker myself, I can appreciate the love and attention that a brewmaster pours into his product. Craft beer is carefully curated and brewed, ingredients are carefully selected, and the brewing process lovingly attended with carefully evaluated recipes to deliver the absolute best product to the drinkers. Many craft beers are the culmination of years of experience that blends the brewing process with an understanding of how the different components will—with time and chemistry—produce a pleasing final result.

Craft Values Quality Over Quantity

Craft beer is not for mass production, but for locals or for lovers of a particular style that the factory breweries can’t adapt to their industrial scale operations. In the case of certain kinds of beer like Trappist ales there may even be very specific requirements that preclude typical production methods. Craft beers emphasize quality over quantity. A good craft beer creates devoted fans who swear by it; it is for those drinkers who know what they love, and value their beer enough to be selective. about what makes a beer truly good.

Sure, there are large companies with huge production lines that can make and market high volume beer for the masses; but a craft brewer is not driven by the same motivations of a giant corporation that might be willing to cut corners with grains of lesser quality, shorter mashing and fermenting times, and other ways of expanding profit margin at the expense of flavor. The shareholders at BigBeerCo aren’t worried about winning gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival—they want their greed and self-interests satisfied. Certainly, a craft brewer must maintain a profit to stay in business, but they do not spend on stadium sponsorships or exclusive major league marketing agreements to boost brand awareness, nor do they cut corners in the interests of increasing profits at the expense of quality.

Diplomat MFT is Our Industry’s Craft Beer

Craft brewers are dedicated to satisfying the thirsts of their customers, not to satiating the rapacious appetite of shareholders. Craft beer is a product of passion, and producing an excellent beverage for the drinker is a pursuit that gives both the brewer and the consumer great satisfaction.

When I think about it, Coviant Software is like a craft brewery. I have the privilege of serving as brewmaster, with a team of dedicated artisans all working together to create a satisfying managed file transfer product, and Diplomat MFT is our excellent craft beer. We pay careful attention to what our customer need in managed file transfer, and we apply our years of experience, know-how, and expertise to meticulously craft a flavor of managed file transfer software that delivers value and meets the needs of our customers. There are no shortcuts, inexpensive or unnecessary ingredients, and no concerns about private equity investors pushing for higher costs so that they can meet their numbers next quarter. And there’s no gutting of essential elements like customer support to make our company a more attractive acquisition target.

Passion, Experience… and a Free Sample

Instead, we pour our passion and experience into crafting a solution that has a broad set of features important to managed file transfer, but without any extras that might leave a bitter aftertaste. We ensure the product is intuitive—like reaching for a frosty ale on a hot summer day—and carefully review our processes to ensure it results in the best possible product. And we aren’t spending gobs of money on clever advertising campaigns to try and trick the consumer into compromising their better judgment. If you need managed file transfer–and most organizations do–Diplomat MFT is the one that will best slake your thirst.

But when I think about it, there is one important difference between Diplomat MFT and craft beer. We don’t charge a premium price for a superior product. We don’t have to. Coviant Software has curated its business process down to only what is necessary to get the job done simply, reliably, and securely. Like your corner brewpub, however, we do let you sample our product for free so that you know what you’ll be getting when you ask the bartender to pour a pint.

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