When You Need Plumbing, Call a Plumber

by | Jan 8, 2024

Have you ever had something go wrong with the plumbing in your home or place of business? I’m not talking about something that could be fixed by “jiggling the handle” or an annoying drip that was because someone didn’t shut a valve all the way. The kind of go wrong I mean is when water is pouring out of places that water isn’t supposed to pour out of, or when you flush an upstairs toilet and stuff comes up through the downstairs shower drain. Yeah, it’s messy and it can cost a lot of money.

When something like that happens, who do you call? A plumber of course. Because, despite snickering at the image of a plumber hunched with his head in an under-sink cabinet with his pants just a little too low on his backside, we all know that a plumber’s skills are essential to the proper design, installation, maintenance, and operation of the highly underrated convenience of modern indoor sanitation.

So Reliable You Don’t Even Notice

I say underrated because we don’t think twice about turning a faucet on and getting a steady stream of water, doing a load of laundry, flushing a toilet, or stepping into a hot, steamy shower. We expect that these things will be. The availability of fresh, clean water enables us to cook, clean, and enjoy life to its fullest. We don’t consider that every structure built for humans to live or work in has an intricate system of pipes and valves that make these things possible. They just are… until they aren’t.

It’s that way with data transfer as well. When it’s done right, including all the components needed to ensure end-to-end security and full process automation, you don’t think about it. You turn knob and it happens the way it’s supposed to. In larger organizations with hugely complex data transfer requirements that rely on the smooth flow of data to and from a massive network of partners, vendors, and customers—often with multiple data security and privacy regulations dictating the terms of those transfers—the comfort that managed file transfer affords is so ingrained in the operation that it is taken for granted.

Call a Professional

But what if, instead of hiring a plumber to design and install your pipes, valves, and fittings, you thought you could save a few dollars by asking your brother-in-law to do it? He’s pretty handy, has accumulated an impressive array of tools, and owes you a favor or two. You’d like to turn that space in the attic into a spare bedroom with a small bathroom and it’s just a matter of running a couple pipes up to sink, toilet, and walk-in shower. No need to pull any permits since it’s all inside work and no one downtown will know. And if there’s anything your brother-in-law has to do that he hasn’t done before, he assures you that he can figure it out by reading a manual or checking out a couple videos on YouTube.

When the work is finally done it looks great. And water comes out of the faucet like it’s supposed to. But after a while you start to notice a stain growing in the ceiling in the living room just below that tidy little space above because somewhere up there, hidden in the space between the ceiling and floor, there’s a leak. Maybe it’s just minor seepage, but maybe it’s a symptom of a bigger problem. Either way, the real cost of do-it-yourself is usually something that doesn’t show up right away. But when the bill does come due, it stings.

Call Coviant Software

Does your organization have file transfer needs that require secure, reliable processes and the ability to manage thousands of concurrent tasks, and the assurance that vital steps in the security process, like PGP file encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data capture for auditability? Don’t ask your brother-in-law (or that guy in IT who has plenty of other things on his agenda) to do it. Call a professional. Call Coviant Software.