Secure and Automate Your Signage Content Delivery

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Your digital signage solution provides important information to your employees, students, customers, and more.  Delivering timely and informative content is important.
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But manual processes and complex software that requires training — and possibly additional licensing — can lead to delays and human error. In addition, those solutions rarely have support for monitoring content updates, auditing those updates, and alerting when there are failures.  These problems cost you time and money, and put your company at risk of providing incorrect information or failing compliance in security and discovery processes.

Diplomat MFT can help you to automate the secure file transfer of your Digital Signage content.  Whether cloud-hosted or on-premises, modern digital signage systems support content delivery with FTP, SFTP, Cloud Storage like Amazon S3, or other standard protocols.  This means that you can use Diplomat MFT to automate your content updates, rather than wasting your precious time with manual processes.  Diplomat MFT is easy to use software that offers robust scheduling, strong security, auditing, archiving content for a defined retention period, and status notifications through email, Slack, or Teams, It is the most cost-effective tool you can use to automate and secure digital signage content delivery.  No special training is required.

  • Secure the delivery of Digital Signage content. 
    Diplomat MFT automates files transfers securely with the SFTP, FTPS, and Cloud Storage protocols.  With the industry’s strongest cryptography, you can rely upon Diplomat MFT to protect the content updates for your Digital Signage solution.. You can easily set up content archiving to meet data retention policies.
  • Automate the file delivery process.
    Use Diplomat MFT’s robust scheduler, you can easily configure when to transfer your files to your Digital Signage solution.  Whether it is a once-a-day transfer, or periodically throughout the day, or even on-demand file transfers, the Diplomat MFT scheduler supports your needs.  Diplomat supports calendar exclusions so files are not transferred on bank holidays.
  • Visibility into Workflows
    Diplomat MFT provides visibility into your workflows so you never have to wonder if files were delivered. With full audit trails, file archiving, and notifications over email, Slack, or Teams, Diplomat MFT has you covered when transferring content to your Digital Signage solution.
  • World class support.
    With the highest customer support ratings in the industry, Coviant Software has you covered.  If you run into problems with connectivity to your Digital Signage solution or need help with your complex workflows, our friendly and knowledgeable support staff are ready to help.

Diplomat MFT is the perfect tool to automate and secure your digital signage content delivery.  Increase your operational efficiencies while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

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